ASI Lucia Jungkook made her debut as a member of BTS

after that bts tenth anniversary, one of the best groups of all time, there are many moments the ARMY is remembering and will never forget. One of these, when a young man called jeon jungkookOriginally from Busan, South Korea and With its “Ojitos de Bambi”, it became trainee from the then company Big Hit Entertainment (Today Big Hit Music), and later, On June 13, 2013, he debuted as one of the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan.With his friends RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V.

Ale ARMY is celebrating 10 years since Jungkook was featured as one of the members of BTS by Big Hit Entertainment., Fandom has become a trending topic on Twitter “Jungkook by Your Side” or #10 years with Jungkookexpress all my love to him golden corn, One fan said, “Happy 10 years with our ‘Euphoria’ Jungkook, I’m so proud of what he’s done and the incredible person he’s become. I’m so grateful for him and will always be our singer.”

On the other hand, the fans of Golden JK Universe thanked Kookie for letting them go ahead with him this time. “I am very proud of your personality and artist, in the last 10 years, we have made our life the happiest, be it with your beautiful voice or your warm smile.”

Jungkook, Golden Maknae, in his debut as a member of BTS.

Like the other band members, jungkook you are the one artist in the fullest sense of the wordSince its launch a decade ago, it has emerged as cSinger, Composer, Dancer, Music Producer, Model and Influencer, Like BTS, he has achieved great achievements on his solo platform as well. To mention a few: Gao “Dreamers”main song of the soundtrack qatar world cup 2022 being nominated Global ambassador for Calvin Klein jeans and Calvin Klein underwear,

Army celebrates 10th birthday of BTS’ Jungkook

At the beginning of this 2023, the American magazine Rolling stone (considered “La Biblia de la Musica”), it includes Jungkook from BTS on your list “200 Best Singers of All Time”, Christine Kwok, director of audience development at Penske Media Corporation, wrote the following review for the magazine: “The youngest versatile member btshas a long list of talents: he is a great artist, has written many songs and is known for hardworking and humbleDespite the success achieved at a very young age”.

Asimismo, Christine Kwok highlighted that JK is an extremely talented singer. “In 2022, when her song with Charlie Puth, ‘Left and Right’, became the fastest song by a Korean solo artist to exceed 400 million plays on Spotify, Puth referred to her as one of the only artists who ‘sent me perfect voices’. Giving her audience new improvisations and unexpected vocal riffs to keep things interesting”.


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