Amy Schumer focuses on ‘Barbie’ after turning down lead role

Amy Schumer, 42, has seen the Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie. The actress, who turned down the lead role due to creative differences, took to her Instagram this Monday (24) to praise the outcome. He also responded to Oppenheimer, which was released on the same day as the film about the world’s most famous doll, and is one of the most anticipated films of the year.

“I really liked barbie it is oppenheimerBut I guess I should have played this role Emily Blunt, Better do it, Hollywood,” he mocked the work of Christopher Nolan,

Schumer announced her departure from the project in 2017, citing scheduling conflicts, but only acknowledged the real reason she was leaving the role in 2022. She said at the time, “They certainly didn’t want to do it the way I wanted, I was only interested in doing it that way.” hollywood reporter,

Schumer’s version of the film was originally described as a story about Barbie, who is kicked out of Barbieland for not being perfect enough, leading her on a real-world adventure. It was supposed to launch in 2018.

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