Amy Schumer Approves “Barbie” (After Leaving the Movie)

Amy Schumer approves

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Amy Schumer used Instagram to express his appreciation for the film “Barbie”which broke 12 records in its opening weekend. For those who don’t remember, the actress was supposed to play the Mattel doll in a different version of the project, but she left the role due to creative differences.

“I really liked ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer,’ but I think I should have played Emily Blunt. Get better, Hollywood”. joked Amy Schumer On Instagram.

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live action of “Barbie” It passed through various hands before reaching what the world has known margot robbieChief greta gerwig and Warner Bros. Pictures. One of the earlier versions included Amy Schumer as the protagonist and as Sony Pictures Studios. He was cast in 2017, and dropped out of the cast in 2018, citing “scheduling conflicts”. However, recently it turned out that this was not the real reason.

“At the time, we said that the departure was due to scheduling issues, but it was actually due to creative differences. But now the film has a new team behind it, and it looks really cool and feminist. I’ll see”, Amy Told in the program “Dekho Kya Hota Hai Live”.

Dua Lipa Has Less Than Five Lines in the Movie “Barbie”

premiere of dua lipa As a film actress, she will remain humble. The singer has very little participation in the film, literally less than five lines. “Barbie”,

In the movie, dua lipa explains the mermaid barbie, their speech is limited to “Hi Barbie”, “Goodbye Barbie” and something like this “Here’s Your Beer”When he acts with the acting played by Kane john cena, including all forms of dua lipaDoesn’t reach 60 seconds of screen time.

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