10 Amazing Bruce Willis Facts And One That Will Totally Drive You Crazy

Among Hollywood stars, undoubtedly one of the public’s favorite stars is Bruce Willis, actor who became especially famous for playing John McClane crystal jungle And who has acted in many popular movies.

However, the interpreter’s career was brutally cut short after she was diagnosed with aphasia, which was later confirmed to be a symptom of the frontotemporal dementia she suffers from and for which there is no cure today.

While we may never see him again on the big screen, in Bruce Willis’ lifetime, the artist has left us some of the most impressive curiosities, some particularly well known around the world and others that might surprise even the actor’s most diehard fans.

Today, on Hobby Consoles, we review 10 Amazing Bruce Willis Facts And One That Will Totally Drive You Crazy,

you are of german descent

young bruce willis

many may wonder about seeing the actor of crystal jungle Who as a major part of Hollywood celebrities are of American nationality.

however, Walter Bruce Willis was born on March 19, 1955 in Germany to a German mother and American pastor, Both of these were not completed until Willis immigrated to the United States with his family.

I’ve had a problem with speakers since I was young

Bruce Willis on Miami Vice (Corruption in Miami)

Si Bien Ahora has had problems communicating because of his illness since he was young Bruce Willis suffers from a stammer which makes it very difficult for him to speak.,

However, thanks to some speaking exercises given by a school specialist and the introduction of acting in theatre, it helped him to express himself better and overcome this stammer.

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“I couldn’t speak. It took me three minutes to finish a prayer. It was overwhelming for someone who wanted to express himself to others and who wanted to be heard but couldn’t hear.

It was horrifying. When I played a character in a play, when I stopped my babbling it didn’t ring a bell. It was phenomenal”commented the actor.

worked as a private investigator

Sybil Shepherd and Bruce Willis in Luz de Luna

Before devoting himself completely to acting, Bruce Willis’s other works are also the most curious, among them Private Investigator.,

It is clear that his experience in this field provided him with more than enough information to prepare for his police roles, especially the role with which he began to gain fame as an actor, private investigator David Addison in the series Moonlight,

Hijo sas pinitos as a singer

Bruce Willis as Singer

one more of them Bruce Willis Trivia The actor tried to do the same in the world of music as a singer.

de hecho, su album the return of bruno released in 1987 became one of the best selling records His single Respect Yourself followed and reached the top 5 at all radios.

Three of His Big Successes at Tequila Were Caused by One Failed Project

Bruce Willis in Armageddon

Bruce Willis created in 1997 film Topic broadway brawler It eventually ended without a finish as the actor was not at all happy with the result which was taking 20 days to run.

Using his influence as a producer, Bruce Willis managed to get the film’s director Lee Grant fired as well as four other key team members. However, despite a replacement director being found, problems with operations continued and eventually the project was permanently suspended.

After this, Disney absorbed Synergy Studios (the company behind Broadway Brawler) and took over the film’s losses in exchange for Bruce Willis committing to make three films with them.,

interestingly these movies were furon armageddon, El Chico or the sixth Sense, three feature films that were huge successes in Tequila. No he mal que por bien no venga.

Going to play a major role in Ocean’s Eleven

Bruce Willis in Ocean's Twelve

In 2001, Bruce Willis was chosen to play the role of Terry Benedict in the famous film Neither More Nor Less Ocean’s Eleven, However, for unknown reasons, Willis left the project and the role eventually went to Andy Garcia.,

It was a huge missed opportunity for Willis, as the film became a box office hit and a cult classic.

However, the actor only took part in its sequel. Ocean’s Twelve A surprise cameo appearance in which he interprets himself is undoubtedly one of the best moments of the film.

I refuse to be the hero of Ghost

Evil spirit

Hablando de Rechazos, Otra de Las Bruce Willis Trivia You have to watch one of the most popular movies that your ex-boyfriend starred in demi moore, Evil spirit,

Despite the fact that Demi Moore was the co-star, Bruce Willis is not interested in the role as he believes that playing a ghost would not be a good option for his careerSo the role went to Patrick Swayze.

back to the future

Little did Willis imagine at the time that the film would become such a huge success, grossing over $505 million worldwide and winning an Academy Award.

Interestingly, in the end, Bruce Willis himself played the role of a ghost. the sixth Sense (spoiler alert?), which went on to become one of the most successful films of his career. Do you see Molan Ghost, Bruce?

Free participation in Friends if you lose the bet

Bruce Willis on Friends

Among the roles of Bruce Willis, undoubtedly the most iconic roles are his participation as a guest star. FriendWhere the actor played the role of Paul Stevens in three episodes of season 6.

however, Bruce Willis’ participation in Friends was won by the actor for free after he lost a bet against Matthew Perry,

Both actors starred in the comedy Falsas Apariencias in the year 2000, and before it premiered on Belt, Perry made a bet with Willis that if he reached No. 1 in Tequila, he would perform on Friends for free. Yes actually, False pretensions remained at the highest level for three weeksThis is why Bruce Willis got to do his cameo on Friends without charging a dime.

I Didn’t Kiss Jennifer Aniston On Friends For A Weird Reason

Jennifer Aniston and Bruce Willis on Friends

Speaking of friends, one more of them Bruce Willis Trivia that is, throughout his involvement in the series, Nobody ever kisses Jennifer Aniston’s lips, despite the fact that her character has a relationship with Rachel,

It turns out that the actor flat out refused to kiss Jennifer Aniston because she is a great friend of Brad Pitt and that’s why the actress was still married to him, for what This resulted in a very uncomfortable kiss with your friend’s lady.,

“I’d love to kiss her, but Brad’s my friend and Jennifer’s his wife. It didn’t seem fair to me, but she’s a candy.”Willis announced.

One million dollars were offered to the capture of Saddam Hussein

Bruce Willis in Heart's War

Along with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Charlton Heston, Bruce Willis was one of the few Hollywood celebrities to publicly support the Iraq War.

Such is the case that, while visiting troops in 2003, Bruce Willis offered a million dollars from his pocket to the man who captured Saddam Hussein, However, when Husayn was captured, it was discovered that military regulations prohibited soldiers from receiving such a reward.

rambo 3

I was a patron of great personalities

crystal jungle

In the midst of all these curiosities, Surely the date of Bruce Willis that will thrill you is that in his time he acted as guardian to some of the greatest celebrities,

We’ve already mentioned some of Willis’ past work before he became an actor, but perhaps the most surprising is Used as guardian and chauffeur for important personalities such as Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley or Frank Sinatra, How are you?

Here we end our review 10 Amazing Bruce Willis Facts And One That Will Totally Drive You Crazy, If you want to know more details about other actors, here are 8 Great Facts About Nicolas Cage’s Life and Career.

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