Who is Mike O’Hearn, the man who stars in social media memes

If you use apps like Instagram or TikTok, you will surely come across the face of Mike O’Hearn, who has a toned body. With a career in the bodybuilding world, this 54-year-old has taken social media by storm.

And he doesn’t do it alone as I slow down “What is love” the song performed by Haddaway became a real celebrity.

As he said in a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet’s podcast, he’s not at all upset by the way memes portray him, he said he’s honored to be considered one of the latest internet trends.

“That’s what I just like”referred to in space. Although he is quite famous now, O’Hearn is familiar at competitions in the United States, having been an employee of “American Gladiators”where he played the role of Titan in the 2008 version.

He also briefly participated in the original series, portraying Thor, being the only gladiator to compete in both programs.

Mike’s motto: Hard work

First of all, in every interview, Mike emphasizes that this is his way of life, since he considers himself a fitness standard.

In line with this, he says his physical size is the result of gym rigor, weight lifting, and a healthy lifestyle.

“The hard work you do in the gym may or may not help you win the Mr. Olympia or another competition. But what is certain is that learning prepares you for life.”he told Men’s Health magazine.

And the results are obvious, since now he weighs 120 kg. In addition, he was a four-time champion, competing in weightlifting, strength competition, and martial arts.

Now the most striking thing about his variety of videos is that he is also a dedicated model, for this reason he has done more than 500 photo shoots, for this reason he can be observed as Conan the Barbarian” and engage in endless male activities.

Finally, in 2019, he had a spectacular fall while performing at the NPC Northwest Championship in Washington. “The show must go on. I had a few bumps and bruises, but I’ll be fine. Please don’t worry.”he mentioned about it.

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