When are the Kids’ Choice Awards 2023 and where to watch them?

SAnd coming up with another edition of the awards organized by Nickelodeon, Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2023 Rewarding the talents of our favorite artists, influencers, actors, television shows and the best trends of the year with a show filled with music.

As in every year, the full list of nominees has been announced in the 22 categories that will be awarded with close voting limits to select future nominees.

When are the Kids’ Choice Awards 2023?

It should be noted that the fourteenth edition of KCA MexicoNo shutdown time definedbut the production of the event was known to be in August of the current year, The list of nominees on this occasion includes famous Latin American artists such as Bad Bunny, Peso Pluma, Lali, Maria Becerra, Kenya Dewamong others.

Where to watch Kids’ Choice Awards 2023?

There are some mediums that have gone beyond this, through which broadcast can be enjoyed like every year. Nickelodeon Latinoamerica YouTube Channel and also by Pluto TV, This award was also available last year paramount+So you have to wait for this new edition it will also be telecasted live streaming platform,

Nominees for the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2023

actress favorite

  • karol sevilla
  • tavern table
  • Valentina Zenere
  • soto panna
  • Ana Valeria Becquerel
  • andrea chapero
  • Carolina Domenech
  • Gabriela Saraiva

Favourite Actor

  • franco masini
  • Kevsho
  • juan pablo fuentes
  • Sergio Mayormori
  • joaquin bondoni
  • Jose Jimenez Zapiola
  • yankel steven
  • michael round

nick show favorites

  • sponge bob
  • loud house
  • force of danger
  • Monster High: LA Series
  • Rugrats
  • henry danger
  • camp corral
  • The Really Loud House

favorite strong

  • monster high: the movie
  • marlina
  • found in the multiverse
  • i fell in love in the summer
  • all the time we fell in love
  • mario la pelicula
  • Puss in Boots
  • no statement made
  • black pink
  • twice
  • seventeen
  • stray kids
  • TXT
  • nct dream
  • new jeans
  • lapillus

Favorite Global Artist

  • Harry Styles
  • niall horan
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Taylor Swift
  • rosalia
  • meghan trainor
  • Selena Gomez
  • Miley Cyrus

hit global del come

  • Decision Suitcase – Kenya OS
  • keep calm – selena gomez and rema
  • Flowers – Miley Cyrus
  • lavender haze – taylor swift
  • saw you – meghan trainer
  • Satellite – Harry Styles
  • Becky G and the Featherweights
  • Waffle House – Jonas Brothers

Demonic Music Revelation

  • young miko
  • divine connection
  • picus
  • menudo
  • angel 22
  • leo rizzi
  • vanne amador
  • carin leon

latin artist

  • manuel turizzo
  • shakira
  • Dhanna Paola
  • kenya os
  • Becky G
  • feed
  • Tini
  • Thalia

collab favorites

  • Un x100to – Grupo Frontera & Bad Bunny
  • Classy 101 – Young Miko and Fide
  • El Merengue – Marshmello and Manuel Turizzo
  • Ambulance – Camilo & Camila Cabello
  • Chanel – Becky G and the Featherweights
  • Para No Verte Mas – Thalia and Kenia Dew
  • TQUM – Sofia Reyes & Danna Paola
  • what’s happening to me? Riley B and Nikki Nicole

more fun maker

  • Ian Lucas
  • jezzini
  • Scabeche
  • chingu friend
  • Martin Benza
  • yolo adventures
  • Karen Barrera
  • Daniela Rodrigues

more awesome streamers

  • ibai lanos
  • el mariana
  • Spray
  • the rivers
  • Amablitz
  • shrewdness
  • luli gonzalez
  • ari gameplay

trend del aao

  • colex
  • Ralph
  • los siblings
  • shaula pons
  • this is mitch
  • Lipa Dome
  • brinda diyanara
  • loss rule

grwm del come

  • orson padilla
  • joaco vasque
  • Doris Jocelyn
  • lagna hernandez
  • alonso arriaga
  • George Chacon
  • Fer Jalil
  • hurley

gossip favorite

  • pablo changra
  • Grudge
  • candres paredo
  • Sami Lou
  • a rhythm freddo
  • La Auntie Sebi
  • alondra kosilian
  • Castellanos Ale

master fan

  • Harry’s
  • Swifties
  • Kenini
  • shaft
  • cashers
  • the dreamers
  • tinist
  • Daring

celebrity crush

  • bad and ricky
  • Emilio Osorio
  • Ian Lucas
  • Ignacia Antonia
  • Micah Suarez
  • aaron wed
  • Dhanna Paola
  • Lipa Dome

your favorite double

  • Kale and Poche
  • Diego and Jorge Anzaldo
  • bob and patricio
  • Maui and Ricky
  • Fede Vigevani and Ian Lucas
  • Juan Guarnizo and Aerie Gameplay
  • Pam Allier and Pau Zurita
  • Nath Campos and Simon Vargas

soando en grande

  • robe grill
  • Ana Laura Gonzalez
  • juan fay
  • la granja del borrego
  • Javier Ibarreche
  • Kat Echazareta
  • calle y poche
  • los polynesios

Chilean celebrity

  • German Garmandia
  • max valenzuela
  • pedro pascal
  • chris amazota
  • Ignacia Antonia
  • claudipia
  • christian endler
  • cami

argentina celebrity

  • redness
  • Maria Becerra
  • Nikki Nicole
  • Emilia Mernes
  • Spray
  • Weird
  • Kevsho
  • Emiliano Martinez (El Dibu)

colombian celebrity

  • lucas urquijo
  • sebastian travel
  • Deibyruiz
  • Amateur
  • camilo
  • Jesus Sierra
  • calle y poche
  • shakira

When will the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2023 vote start?

If You Want to Support Your Favorite Artist, You Need to Know Who to Vote It is now open through June 26th! Remember this is a list of pre-enrolled candidates where you will find that there are 8 options in each category. This first vote is only for your favorite artist or influencer to become a finalist.

How to vote for the Kids’ Choice Awards Mexico 2023?

There are two ways you can vote for your preferred candidates: Website or from your official account Instagram In nickelodeon latum,


If you want your ideal to win, vote every day without stopping and without rest:

  • Choose one of the 22 available categories.
  • Vote for your favorite candidate.
  • A screen will appear saying ‘Thank you for voting’; To continue polling as many times as you want, it will be enough to turn it off.


  • Enter Nick @nickelodeonla’s account.
  • Comment on any post with the nominee’s # + #KCAMEXICO; For example, if you want to vote for Danna Paola, you would do it like this: #DannaPaola #KCAMexico.

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