What is genderless fashion and why is it the most disruptive trend of recent years?

There outfit It is not a fixed thing and keeps on changing. Perhaps this is one of the most beautiful aspects of her. Trends that were thought to be forgotten come back, once again updated summary, The movement of time creates new ways of thinking that affect all areas including this one. L 2023 Viene Pisando Fuerte Y L gender concept If you are getting out of the world of ‘fashion’. Although this may seem a recent thing, it was not, it was simply ignored. french designer Jean Paul Gaultier The abandonment of the principles established and established in the 80s has already begun it hangs like a unisex gift, showing this in the male body. “Masculinity is not defined by clothes,” he says, and he has remained steadfast throughout his career creating pie with transparency The y aspects for men were established as feminine.

en la paris fashion week, Saint Laurent presented a Chico Collection Complete Costumes, bows and gifts that let you see skin through your screen, The creative director of the house transmitted a message that remembers the French designer: «Las mujeres podrion ser los hombres y los hombres las mujeres, sin distincion».

Furthermore, many celebrities in music or cinema have distinct styles that completely sidestep these roles, such as Harry Styles, bad bunny hey Billy Porter, actor, menswear reinvented at the last Golden Globes and took it to another level: She dazzled with an act that signed Christian Siriano What combined male and femaleEsmoquin con la falda.

Billy Porter wears a fuchsia dress.


And, of course, this perspective also applies vice versa. Many designers have created ‘oversize’ pies for women with men’s or men’s cuts. Milena Schmidt This is an example of Aloe. Spotless with Lucio plaid suit Saint Laurent, typical of the ancient British male elite. Yes, this firm has been one of those that has better presented this style as feminine, but Giorgio Armani hey Alexander Vautier don’t lag behind in wearing Mary Giovanni hey ana de armas With these ‘looks’. And by the way, queen of trends, Kim KardashianAlso seen with a jacket adding a different and bold touch without taking it down nothing under,

las mujeres tambien luce esmoquin
Milena Schmidt, Kim Kardashian and Ana de Armas Lucien Smochins.

There ‘genderless’ clothes Social is settled among the masses and social networks also participate in it. mark brian Completely revolutionized gender stereotypes. The American ‘influencer’ is a professional engineer, he is over 60 years old and lives in Germany with his wife and family and features them on his Instagram every day ‘Upfits’ with skirts and tall heels, You have over 600,000 followers on your account and you want to ditch the gender protectors and show your love for this shoe without any hassle.

With all this revolution, a respect for the diversity of bodies is also being introduced and ‘curvy’ models are becoming more and more popular. The freedom to work on different body styles has come to be considered normal, especially among young people.

With all this, the question is obvious: does clothing really have a gender?

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