This is difficult if the couple gets divorced. Is there a prenuptial agreement?

Jennifer Lopez and ben affleck They have lived one of the most controversial years of their relationship and that is, there have been repeated occasions on which there is no doubt the love that is felt for each other in the midst of crisis, problems and gestures. The couple is about to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

After so many rumors and speculations, JLo and Ben Affleck Han Pelado Contra de Culquier Pronostico and Se Dies Que The pair will be about to renew their vowsLujosa is just a year away from celebrating their wedding anniversary at the wedding where ever you are.

The couple’s vow renewal is said to take place in late July or early August at the mansion they have bought. los angelesfor a little more than 60 million dollars, Yes, another source close to Famous confessed daily Mail that jennifer lopez and ben affleck They are more in love than ever.

La fuente no dejo de halgar a la pareja listed them as a great marriage and added “Sus hijos están muy bien y las familias están synchronized. The two find themselves in a very good place romantically and emotionally, which extends to their professional lives; Yes, I love you very much, you will always be happy.

Let’s remember that the two have a good relationship with each other’s children, and that’s it, Tan Solo El 4th of JulyThe couple attended the grand celebration of Michael Rubin Near Purpledaughter of ben affleck wi Jennifer Garner, where she got a skimpy white dress like hers ‘step mother’.

Isn’t everything dear? jennifer lopez prepares this settlement in divorce case

rather end your relationship 2004The couple didn’t return early to protest again 2021When they die for a second chance at love, ever since then, the famous actress has not stopped fighting to show the media that their relationship has been successful.

However, the famous actress has found herself embroiled in a new controversy where $600 million, 400 Jennifer Lopez y about 200 ben affleckWhich would be ‘disputable’ if the couple decides to divorce.

As such, the actress had already drawn up a contract with lawyers, calling for a fair and balanced division of Beyoncé in the event of a divorce. Ben Affleck is said to agree Jennifer Lopez And the thing is, instead of going through their separation separately, the two realized that nothing lasts, which is why a close source commented: “Ben solo quier espacio y serenidad en este momento. He is so fed up with controversies that he will sign anything to keep Jennifer happy.

In addition medium Heat It was he who informed about the incident, it is said that the couple will take care of the well-being of each of their children.

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