They find a body in New York outside the location where Jungkook will appear.

A body was found outside the venue where the concert was expected to take place jungkookBTS members.

On July 11, the officials informed about its discovery. unidentified dead body At Harlem Meer, a water area located in the iconic Central Park in New York City, United States. New York Police is conducting a full investigation to determine Circumstances and cause of death of the victim, The hall is prepared three days before the GMA Summer Concert, which is scheduled to take place on July 14 (US local time) in Central Park.

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Despite the shocking discovery of the corpse, Jungkook fans’ passion and determination to attend his concert in New York remains unwavering. The park has been the stage for a stunning spectacle as we approach the official end of the event over 50 fans They camped there and anxiously waited for the moment to see their idol shine on the stage.

impressive scene generated got responses among those who saw it. Although some may find it impressive, the local ARMYs (BTS fans) you have expressed your concern, This is due to the fact that they consider it a “culture of scales” or long-term camping. The recent appearance of lifeless bodies has added to this concern, as it poses a potential danger to campers.

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The situation becomes even more urgent. Therefore it is very important to solve Security and he Welcome Among the fanatics who hope to see Jungkook. Also, guarantee a safe and respectful environment for everyone involved.

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