These are the worst (and best) foods for healthy teeth.

When eating, few people stop to wonder if the food or drink they are consuming is really make them good or bad to your teeth.

Experts interviewed by Univision News recommend that, in addition to controlling what is eaten and how much, oral hygiene should be considered.

Eating certain foods and drinks can cause problems beyond just your teeth. As incredible as it may seem, some recent studies have shown a relationship between dental health and cardiovascular disease and even rheumatoid arthritis.

Dentists advise people to be careful about excessive consumption of food and drink, especially processed products. Here are some of the most dangerous and possibly overlooked:


According to Raul Villavicencio, orthodontist and oral hygienist, citrus fruits, but especially lemon This is one of the most dangerous foods for teeth.

“Lemon is an acid. There are people who like to suck on lemons all the time and enamel is readyVillavicencio told Univision News by phone.

The specialist said that its consumption is good, but in combination with other ingredients or products. “If you dilute it, it won’t hurt as much anymore. It can, of course, be consumed, but not sucked,” he said.

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Unfortunately for all its coffee lovers, coffee is yet another product to be careful with when consuming it. Its acidity can also affect teeth.

Coffee can oxidize and also become an acid that damages teeth. However, Villavicencio assured that instant coffee or coffee that has undergone chemical processes can harm the teeth.

“We have to rely on freshly roasted and ground coffeebut also in quantity, if you drink three or four cups of coffee, it will be bad,” he said.

bread and cookies

In some Latin American countries, such as Mexico, it is customary to eat bread for dinner, especially sweet bread, but it is one of the food items. worse for teeth.

The doctor points out that the remains of bread can get stuck in the teeth and between them. Bread eventually turns into sugar, and this sugar can turn into tooth decay.

Cookies usually consist of some type of carbohydrate, which also turns into sugar and then into dangerous bacteria.

Red wine

It can also be very acidic for the teeth, says Dr. Villavicencio.

“A glass of red wine with dinner, well, that’s okay,” he said. “But if you drink a bottle of wine and don’t eat anything, obviously it will help you.” affects the enamel of your teeth more.”

sticky candy

Experts say sticky candies like jelly worms, also known as “gummies,” should be avoided because they’re so bad for your teeth.

They can get stuck in the grooves of your teeth and are difficult to clean, which means they can leave behind pieces of candy that will turn into cavities.

A man drinks a soft drink before a baseball game on July 24, 2007 in San Francisco, California.

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Soft drinks and diet drinks

Seems obvious, but it’s not: in addition to excess sugar, soft drinks also contain they are very sour. They may have acidity levels close to battery acid.

In fact, there is a term called “mountain dew mouth” that develops in those who constantly drink this drink, and sometimes decomposition or even destruction in the mouth can appear, like in people who use methamphetamine.

Energy drinks are also bad because they are high in sugar.

foods good for teeth

Raul Villavicencio mentioned that there are foods that are good for teeth, such as “all fibrous foods that sweep away the walls of the teeth, like vegetables. Celery, for example.

“Apples are good too, lettuce, they also clean teeth and gums,” he said.

After all, Villavicencio recommends eat or drink in moderation and, last but not least, oral hygiene. “Professionals, dentists should pay great attention not only brush your teeth and also wash them well“, he concluded.

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