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Seth Rollins talks about his retirement as a fighter after completing two decades of his career.

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With a career spanning 19 years out of 37 of his life, with all the success he could achieve, the promise that he would enter the WWE Hall of Fame, how long shall we say decline seth rollins in Cuerdas? it was one of the things i thought about Visionary In his recent interview on Impulsive. and Adelanto, to the delight of all fanatics who your audios are not even close, You have no lock but it will still find you there in time.

► Retreat of Seth Rollins

«In our industry, there are exceptions, like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, who is an obvious exception because he’s been involved with Lucha Libre all his life because of his family’s involvement, but

His actual career was brief, lasting only four years.,

Most of them have, historically, required years of experience, thousands of battles, to build a relationship with your audience. I am currently 37 years old and will probably have a duration of about 6 to 10 yearsDepends on my health, where it will be my best moment, where my body can still surrender, and my mind has finally reached the physical level.

Therefore, Mentally and physically, I haven’t lost my ability, I’m in that ideal zone So I’m not quite what I was when I was older (Logan Paul), in terms of athletic performance, but I still try to mentally read the situation when we go out there and it’s very difficult for me.

I’ve been in that field for about 6 to 10 years, It depends on how I hold my body, and then, who knows. Later, I will be the Undertaker and appear for WrestleMania once a year, But, I feel really good at the moment, I am in a good moment.

Taking advantage of what we’re talking about, Seth Rollins commented in a separate interview with TMZ follow the steps of su hija con becky lynch both,

“It depends on him. I’m into whatever she wants to do, I support it 100%”.

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