The role model, Harry Styles, revolutionizes Madrid with his celebration of color and love

65,000 people laugh at the infinite charisma of the British pop star at Iberdrola Music

Madrid, 15 July. (Michel Ortega – Europa Press) –

Harry Styles, the archetype, has once again revolutionized Madrid with his colour, infinite charisma and sticky hits, all inspired by an audience full of devotion towards him, one of the great stars of current pop.

According to the organization, 65,000 people were included in this way, which allowed Iberdrola Music to present its first ‘sold out’ record this summer, with a solo concert on 14 July. The appointment with the former One Direction member is, moreover, the second event held at the new venue, located in the Villaverde district, after hosting the second weekend of this month’s Mad Cool festival.

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers headlined their concert on Saturday, July 10, the last day of the festival, Styles fanatics were obsessed with getting the best spots at their favorite artist’s party. It was a heat wave-like event at the time and the capital was put on red alert due to high temperatures during the week.

The heat and fatigue of days or hours of waiting is forgotten when the pop star, her band and singers take to the stage at 22.10 hours – 25 minutes late – with the electropop ‘Daydreaming’, a good start to the party that sparks excitement among the attendants, who are clad in feather boas and colorful hats and a cowboy drowns in an indescribable scream.

The British son and sensual, fun and magnetic, a tonic he maintains in a night in which his setlist does not differ much from his last concert in Madrid, also included in the ‘Love on Tour’, putting on a show on his acclaimed album ‘Harry’s House’, as he did a year ago in front of more than 15,000 people at the Visink Centre.

The artist accessorises the show with a metallic-effect scarf and pantaloons and pink and green stripes, allowing her tattoos to be seen. He does so in the capital with more awards, including a Grammy, and more freedom and security than his previous citation. And this time it is also shown with more knowledge of Madrid to greet the public with “Good night, chulpes” which surprises the respected people.

Each word that the artist utters in Spanish heats up the atmosphere, which brings the beginning of a celebration that includes Suenón ‘Golden’, ‘Adore you’ or ‘Daylight’, in which the protagonist takes the giant stage and walkway to throw kisses and receive gifts, giving way to ballads.

a nia and happy cumpleaÑos

‘She’ and ‘Matilda’, for which fans can see different types of flowers, act in the most emotional moment, together with ‘Fine Line’, which the British interpret at the end with guitar in hand and after interrupting the start of time to worry about the followers of the first lines that apparently did not get along well.

Fittingly, Harry Styles never stops asking his audience if they’re okay, encouraging them to have a good time and thanking them for their support. As a gift, and nothing better for the most fanatic, interact with them on multiple occasions. For example, it publicly unveils the gender of a woman’s future baby live, who can be considered the lucky person of the night as her cartel is chosen to star in the usual moment of the singer’s concerts among scientists. Lucy will take care of a girl to the delight of a thousand gifts.

If the former One Direction member is an absolute hero, his teammates are equally welcomed by the public, who, at Styles’ request, sing good wishes for guitarist Mitch Rowland. He orders, Masa enthusiastically obeys.

Meanwhile, the fiesta de color en la que esta noche es la casa de Harry Styles continues with animated hits such as ‘Cinema’, ‘Music for a Sushi Restaurant’ or ‘Treat People with Kindness’, which the artist sings along with the Spanish flag or the LGTBI movement.

Thanks for the support

In one of the most powerful moments, before the final stroke, he performs ‘Watermelon Sugar’ or ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, a hit by the boy band he was made of, after which, moved, he explains to his followers that the past few years have been “maravilosos” for this tour.

In the final segment, amid tears and cheers in the crowd and after an impeccable interpretation of pop song ‘Sign of the Times’ and the hero’s bisexual hymn to fans, ‘Medicine’, the 29-year-old thanked the public for changing his life.

“I will remember this tour for the rest of my life, it has been very special to me and you too. You have changed my life. Someday I will find a way to thank you”, he says in English shortly after dedicating “I love him with all my heart” in Spanish.

With the unbeatable synth pop success ‘As It Was’ and the rocker ‘Kiwi’, Harry Styles, a relentlessly captivating presence, concludes his apotheotic celebration at Iberdrola Music after two hours snatched away by a dedicated inter-generational audience who choreographed each song.

After their triumphs in Spain in front of 65,000 people in Madrid and 56,000 in Barcelona, ​​the artist will next move to Lisbon (Portugal) on 18 July and, later, end the tour in Reggio Emilia (Italy) on the 22nd.

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