Shakira, Bad Bunny, Fade and Karol G are Spotify’s kings over the holidays

The artists who topped the popularity lists on Spotify during the holiday season. (The video shows the Copa Vesia)

during the holiday season ColombiaMusic becomes an indispensable element in the team of people who are preparing to enjoy a good rest, whether on the beach or in the comfort of their own home.

aware of this, Spotify He has shared songs that are setting trends in the country and promises to continue in the months to come. These subjects are not limited to reproduction and have the characteristic of being kept within themselves. global hit,

The artists who topped the popularity lists on Spotify during the holiday season. credit: @hectoreli_ / Twitter

Mojabi Ghost – Tawny Feet Bad Bunny

After building anticipation, Puerto Rican producer Taney released his highly anticipated studio album “Data”, which includes the song “Mojabi Ghost”, a collaboration with Bad Bunny. The theme has managed to become one of the most popular songs in Colombia over the past few days and continues to gain popularity locally.

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Copa Vaca – Shakira ft. Manuel Turizzo

Collaboration between the artists began in late June. The song has received over nine million copies on the platform and has become one of listeners’ favorite hits. The project adds to Shakira’s list of hits, which remains a standout in both local and global listings.

Dejallo En Visa – Floor 21 ft Nicky Jam

The Colombian group and Puerto Rican reggaetonero have reunited in a second collaboration. Following the success of their previous song, “Suele Suceder”, this new release has already established itself as one of the season’s favourites, amassing over 2 million copies since its debut.

Yankee 150 – Fede, Yandel and Daddy Yankee

A remix of one of the most popular reggaeton songs in Latin America is dominating Spotify playlists once again. The legendary Yandel and Daddy Yankee have teamed up with successful Colombian artist Fide for this collaboration. With this collaboration, Fade continues to solidify itself as one of the most listened-to urban artists worldwide, and maintains its position at the top of replicas.

Billboard – Ovi on the Drums and Blessed

The iconic duos of Colombia’s urban scene have come together to release a song that is one of the baddest sounds ever. The video clip was recorded at Sonido Perpetuo, a public recording studio in Medellin, opened by Spotify in collaboration with local talent.

The artists who topped the popularity lists on Spotify during the holiday season. Reuters/Brendan McDiarmid

Bitter – Karol G

“Bichota” stands out as one of the hottest artists of 2023, and now it has managed to position itself on the list of songs that will be playing during the holiday season with its recent hit called “Marguera.” With over 122 million copies, the phrase “Outside I laugh, but inside I’m on the street” has become a chorus that his followers sing in nightclubs and meetings with friends.

El Cielo – Skye Rompiendo, Feed and Myke Towers

Within days of its launch, it became one of the most heard hits by Colombians. Since then, the song has been played over 73 million times worldwide. Currently, it is one of the most listened songs in the country.

Un x100to – Frontera Group & Bad Bunny

The collaboration between Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny has managed to gain a significant following. The song has remained on the Colombian charts for 11 consecutive weeks and has been played over 444 million times so far.

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Lala – Mike Towers

In March 2023, Myke Towers released her fourth studio album, “La Vida Es Una”. Highlighted songs also included “Lala”, a hit which has garnered over 31 million views on the platform.

Ella Baila Sola – Escalabón Armado y Peso Pluma

The musical collaboration between the Mexican regional group and artist Peso Pluma in the song has taken off. The song has remained at the top of Spotify in Colombia for 15 consecutive weeks and has been played over 650 million times on the platform globally.

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