Rosa Gutierrez, her interest in keeping the position and her fleeting transition to the presidency of EsSalud

Rosa Gutierrez clung to a position in the state.

This Sunday it was officially known dismissal of Rosa Gutierrez as executive president of EsSaludafter several questions and despite the fact that she repeatedly assured that she would not leave her new position, she was removed after a resolution signed by Dina Boluarte.

She was at the helm for only nine days, and, to the surprise of many, on July 12, she was hired to the position of executive president of EsSalud Comprehensive Insurance at the suggestion of the Minister of Labor. Fernando Varela.

However, from the first day of her appointment, there were many questions, despite this, the former Minister of Health, too, defended her appointment with all her might, claiming that she was discriminated against for being a woman and that she would not leave the presidency. health.

“I took over the presidency of EsSalud 10 days ago and in that short time I am being discriminated against again for being a woman, for my origins and, above all, for my firm decision to restore the trust of the insured in EsSalud,” she began her speech.

“Since I became the president of EsSalud, I have been working 24×7 for 13 million insured people. Stop mocking a woman who has been hard-wired to be at the forefront of government. Nothing will distract me,” he continued.

The former head of the Ministry of Health is involved in the alleged Gor Ancash mafia. | Minsa

Rosa Gutiérrez issued a statement last Saturday confirming that she will continue to serve as Executive President of EsSalud and that she is not going to succumb to questions as her 15 years in her career have supported her.

I do not and will not accept the imposition of groups that they want to continue to use Social Security for personal gain, and that they now do not hesitate to use all their connections with the media to prevent my administration from regaining the trust of the insured, he said in a statement released by the institution.

“As an example of signs of corruption: there is a 624 million watchdog contract process that has been delayed unaccompanied up to 40 times, in order to create a deficit and thus be able to award directly. This should not happen again, my duty is to watch every sun of the insured,” he said.

One of the most powerful questions Rose Gutierrez when she was minister of health, that was the mismanagement she made during the dengue epidemic. Even though he said the numbers would drop significantly in 15 days, the opposite has happened as a shortage of doctors, medicines, hospital beds and more has led to a spike in infections.

Also, during this crisis, she and her son traveled to Washington, USA to meet with Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director Jarbas Barbosa da Silva Jr.

Far from regretting her bad decision to leave the country when more than 300,000 Peruvians were infected, Rosa Gutiérrez blamed previous efforts on the massive impact of natural events such as Yacu and El Niño.

Rosa Gutierrez asked journalists to respect her honor.

Knowing that Rosa Gutierrez returned to the state after stepping down as health minister.but now to take over the leadership of EsSalud, there were several unions in the sector who spoke out against the appointment.

“The authorities are obliged to have a momentary and long-term project, and not to change the president for political purposes.” Thus, Manuel Vasquez Galvez, the institution’s general secretary, together with the National Executive Council, rejected the appointment of Gutiérrez and also recalled his work in the Ministry of Health, calling it “disastrous and terrible management,” said the National Welfare Union.

For her part, Danielle Urquiso argued that the appointment of EsSalud’s new executive president was untimely and hasty, especially because of her experience in dengue control.

Rosa Gutierrez fired as EsSalud executive president one week after taking office | Composition Infobae

“This is a hasty and untimely decision by the president (Dina Boluarte) because to run an insurance company, which is an extremely high, very sensitive organization covering 20% ​​of the population, it must have a meritocracy,” he told Exitosa.

In this sense, urquizo He believed that another professional could be appointed to the position: “Union institutions, professionals should have their own opinion, and this should be a career in which they know Insurance, act directly, and not by outsiders.”

Recall that in June, Rosa Gutierrez resigned and resigned from the post of Minister of Health.

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