Paparazzi demands Kanye West: “They have no right to attack me”

enero, Kanye West was filmed dropping a paparazzi’s phone A la calle cerca de una installation where his daughter, North, Jugba Baloncesto. In the video, Kanye asked the paparazzi not to film it when he tried to spend time with his kids.

Backwards, In March, it was reported that Kanye West would not face charges for what happened. According to a statement from the Ventura Co-District Tax Office. shared by tmz, The phone suffered minor damage. The authorities claimed that the paparazzi refused to press charges against Kanye. however, Now seek loss and loss.

Paparazzi demands Kanye West: “They have no right to attack me”

according to legal documents obtained by Diversity, Nicole Lechmanick is suing Yeh for assault and neglect Before the Superior Court of Ventura County. The photographer indicated that she was merely doing her job as a celebrity graphic reporter.

“I think I’m auto como si fuera a cooperme, I’m away from the phone, I’m angry, I’m angry”said the young Lechmannik during a press conference (via Variety). “It scared me so much that I haven’t been there since”Added.

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According to reports, the paparazzi first called 911 and filed a police report after the incident, but declined to press charges against Ye. However, now Seeking damages and damages, he alleged that he had suffered “immense mental and emotional suffering” and was prevented from doing his job, which resulted in “loss of income”. The claim states that Yeh’s conduct was “willful, wanton and malicious”.

“You have no right to attack me, kill me or threaten me to continue my profession”, Lechmanik said at the press conference. “I want you to set aside the fact that I cannot do what I did without facing consequences. I am determined to defend myself to convince him that he needs to change his disgusting behavior.Added.

Lechmanik was questioned about the notion of violating a celebrity’s privacy while doing her job, to which she replied that she has been working as a photographer for over 10 years and always respects her famous people. “I want people to separate that there are good people who do this profession. We are aware of celebrities. We are always concerned about your well-being. I will never harm anyone”, say another Diversity.

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