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DISLOCATEDOO. ABOUT Mario Hart, who made the news after making Maricarmen Marin feel uncomfortable during his “Send Who’s in Charge” program, that wasn’t the only comment that sparked controversy, as the reality boy mismatched his words with his co-star Maria Pia Copello a few days ago.

Mario Hart gives his opinion on Maria Pia’s photos

During the July 12 program, Maria Pia, “La Carlota” and Mario Hart commented on Barbie’s fever just days after the film’s premiere, and various celebrity images were featured as part of the theme, including a video of the host with Luana Barron posing in dresses and tiny bikinis.

After seeing the images, Mario Hart questioned Maria Pia for wearing a bikini and believing she was a Barbie, and moreover, posing with model Luana Barron, who is younger.

“Do you still consider yourself a Barbie? (…) Hey, but a little risky of you (Why?) Because how are you going to put yourself next to Luana Barron, she’s a chibolite, collagen up to a thousand (…) But, aren’t you scared a little?” he said.

La Carlota patched up Mario Hart for interrogating Maria Pia

After listening to their partner, “La Carlota” did not hesitate to raise their voice of protest and lashed out at Mario Hart for implying that Maria Pia was no longer old enough to wear a bikini.

“She doesn’t believe she’s a Barbie (…) I see Pia better than that girl (…) you must be scared and ashamed to go out” manifest.


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