Margot Robbie rocks out as Barbie in live-action! Check out the special theater combo for the movie

Bring in margot robbie Starring the World’s Most Famous Doll, Live-Action “Barbie” One of the most awaited productions of the year and will hit the theaters on 20th July. For big premieres, many networks started offering special combos so that viewers could get the most out of the film. And distributors abuse creativity and the color pink with gifts ranging from buckets of popcorn to personalized cups.

See cinema combinations for feature films:

Margot Robbie plays Barbie in the live-action. (Photo: Disclosure/Warner Bros.)


Cinema brand UCI offers Barbie combos that include soda and pink popcorn. Consumers will also get a personalized bucket and a special glass.


A unique cup kit was made available by Cinemark. When buying a combo with a bucket of sweet or salty popcorn, two medium or large drinks and one Bablu candy, the customer will get a free gift.


Kinoplex decided to splurge and bring in blue as the dominant color in its own specific bucket. The sale of gifts starts from the release date of the film.


With the pink bucket, the Cinesystem combo costs around R$78.90 and is already available for purchase. However, only starting on the 19th can the item be removed from the network’s cinemas.


With the purchase of the soda and popcorn combo, Cineflix also offers a special pink bucket with collectible cards for early arrivals to movie sessions.

cine marquis

The Cine Marquis Combo will cost R$65.00 and include a soda, popcorn and a small chocolate. And when purchasing a combo, the customer is guaranteed a themed bucket from the feature film.


The pink popcorn bucket will be available online starting July 20.

Featured Image: Margot Robbie in the movie “Barbie.” Disclosure/Warner Bros.

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