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Harry Styles has revolutionized Spain with his recent visit to the country in the framework of his previous tour love on tour, Mortals and celebrities have surrendered to the artist’s charms, as is the case of María Pombo, who literally declared her love for the singer, without the prior permission of her husband, Pablo Castellanos. As a restriction, you can include all VIP productions in one plate or grade. Iberdrola Music by VillaverdeThe recital, accompanied by a visit to Camerino, included the presence of Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía, and this time without Reina Letizia as witness. This is the second time the daughters of kings have met Styx, as it was known in his time, Hecyron Lo before the return of Heredira to the throne of the Welsh lands the previous year. Leonor and Sofia are followers and fans of its former constituent in the same direction To the extent that they did not agree to enjoy his music live, they also managed to be face-to-face with him, becoming something like Harry’s ‘conocidas royal’.

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This moment of praise is very close to the moment experienced by his priest, King Felipe VI, during the epic finale. wimbledon tournament who crowned Carlitos Alcaraz as the second king of track. The emperor starred in a viral moment that is back in front of the world thanks to his selfie with the Australian actor Hugh Jackman, best known for his character of Lobezno in the popular Marvel saga. Both posed smiling in front of the objective, indicating once again the closeness of the king at short distances, not only with his village, but also with the celluloid artists.

El Rey Felipe with Hugh Jackman. / Social Networks

Los Reyes Felipe and Letizia are very sensitive about their personal moments, but they do not mind sharing and filtering news indicative of their personal interests, in addition to their commitments. One of these aspects relates to questions in which the emperor, his wife and their daughters leave themselves as common followers of the various heroes in the fields of culture, art or sport, of whom they are all followers. Concerns that have been far-fetched news at different times because it could not have happened otherwise.

Without going much further, the previous 9th of July goes past Reina Letizia’s fan moment with one of the artists she most admires; rod Stewart. Coinciding with her recent recital in Spain, Reina asked King to take a picture next to the row: “Felipe, give me your mobile so we can take pictures”, Along with this highlight, Doña Letizia’s interest in Eurovision has also been mentioned with appreciation on various occasions. ea ea of Blanca Paloma, but beyond its discreet results or djandoz to see in concerts of artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Joaquin Sabina, Los Planetas or Los Hombres G. exactly el propio david summers In his last interview it was highlighted that King Felipe VI was one of the top group’s most loyal followers of the 80s.

On the ground, the heroes of the Kings’ praise were the singers, in the year 2019 their Majesties acted in a moment of praise in front of Ricardo Darín. This was in Buenos Aires during the King’s visit to Argentina in March 2019. On the occasion of the grand spectacle presented in his honor by the President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana Avada. A meeting with the universe of the performance is just the tip of the iceberg of Reyes fan moments. Dona Letizia’s fan is actress Penelope Cruz, with whom she is good friends, it is known to all. Reena and her daughters’ face-off with Chris Hemsworth in the dressing room is more surprising in itself El Hormiguero 3.0, An encounter that provoked the actor’s tussle with the program’s team prior to his entrance on stage.

Los Reyes and Sus Hijas en Chinchón. / gtrace

And the point is, Spain’s Letizia shares interests with her children far beyond ballet and other high school subjects. Another one of them is Deporte, specifically in football. Everyone knows the personal appreciation of Reena Hasiya alexia putellas, La española que ostenta dos balones de oro. Hahn’s passion for balloon pies has been passed down to her daughters, especially the younger one. Infanta Sofía usually plays football and is a fan of some players from the Spanish league and other international leagues. One of the last moments young Vino is given to receive the mysterious shirt of the Spanish football team, which Gavi had given to the king and which many would have lost had it not been from the emperor’s vault.

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