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Of the many awards LA Knight is currently receiving, Kevin Nash appears to criticize them for their lack of originality.

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Among the many rewards L.A. Knight is currently receiving – at Money in the Bank we saw the WWE Universe completely on his side to win, which Damian Priest did- Kevin Nash seems to be criticizing him for his lack of originality, click on this year click on the salon at the end of the week Says it’s a cheap copy of The Rock,

► Kevin Nash criticizes LA Knight

,I’m the only one who sees blatant plagiarism from The Rock, especially when facing off against that damn Logan Paul or what is he called? The only thing he missed was to turn the man around. Por amor de Dios, nadi tien memoria? nothing original,

The same L.A. Knight has hinted at his resemblance to The Rock on several occasions, always keeping the distance. It would be interesting if you share your thoughts on the words of Kevin Nash, On the other hand, knowing you are in a good current position, you might not want to look for problems. Also, you will get used to the criticism.

Although it is curious that even this accusation of copying La Roca does not bring much to Zelina Vega

, I think you should worry less about gamers and hobbyists Focus more on being yourself… on a cheaper version of Rock and Stone Cold, Possibly a brilliant personality beneath it all”,

emulating another luchador isn’t bad but in the end L.A. Knight must find his voice, his personality, his identity to strike out on his own as a WWE Superstar, What will happen after MITB is unknown, so we’ll see what happens next on SmackDown and what path is taken towards SummerSlam.

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