Joker 2: Lady Gaga made an unusual request during recording

It’s nothing new that Lady Gaga has had unusual behavior behind the scenes of her movies.

After donning the avatar of Patrizia Reggiani on the set of Casa Gucci and claiming that a cloud of flies was sent by her own persona, the actress won’t fail to make news behind the scenes of Joker 2.

For the project directed by Todd Phillips and starring Joaquin Phoenix, the singer only wanted to be called Lee during filming.

Oscar-nominated cinematographer Lawrence Sher told The Trenches podcast, “I remember not knowing Stefani (Lady Gaga) and the weird thing is, I felt like I never really knew her, even during the makeup and hair tests.”

“I remember one week it was like, ‘God, I feel like we’re drifting apart, not even connecting, we’re like opposites.’

Sher won the Oscar for the DC film at the 2019 ceremony and said he would only say “little things” to Mother Monster. Early in production, he used the name “Steph” to refer to her, a reference to the artist’s birth name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.

“And then the producer said at one point, ‘Oh, you know, Steph would like you to call her Lee on set,’ and I said, ‘Oh, 100 percent,’ and … the next thing I said was something with ‘Lee,’ and it was like everything changed,” the director continued.

“From that point on, our whole relationship changed. I thought, okay, cool, that’s all I need to know. It changed everything. Then we did the rest of the movie, and there was a lot more connection.”

In Joker 2, Lady Gaga plays Harley Quinn, the titular villain known for her intense dynamic and earlier immortalized by Margot Robbie, who recently hit the theaters with another big hit, Barbie.

The film is expected to hit the theaters on October 3, 2024, if it is not postponed due to the double strike of screenwriters and actors.


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