Johnny Depp faints in a Budapest hotel

The age of the actor is 60 years. / Twitter

taking into account the separation Amber Heardactor Johnny Depp He took his time away from Reflectors and devoted most of his time to his side work as a band musician Hollywood Vampiresin which it shares the scenery Alice Cooper, joe perry or Henriksen,

However, following the news of a concert by the band, Histrion’s followers were concerned about the artist’s state of health. Budapest It was canceled after Haller Depp died in a hotel room in the area.

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The concert was scheduled for July 18 and was canceled at the last minute, which is why the group resorted to social networks, where they were punished only for not appearing in front of their fans who had previously bought tickets.

Without giving further details, he said that it happened for unforeseen reasons, however, later, the Hungarian newspaper Daily News revealed that the actor’s health had been affected and the incident was serious.

The medium elaborated that even so, it was necessary to call a doctor to make sure there were no major complications in the interpreter’s health Jack Sparrow,

At the same time, it turned out that the artist was seen drinking and said that he was feeling bad, which is why he did not come to the sound test, although this version has not been confirmed.

In the end, the reason for Haim’s fainting is unknown. Johnny Depphowever the band goes on tour Europe And the organizers negotiate a reprogramming of the show.

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