Here’s How Eating Yogurt Every Day Affects Your Health

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yogurtsThey are one of many people’s favorite desserts and have many health benefits, but beware, none of the ones sold in the supermarket are worth it. This product, along with milk, is an important source of calcium, from which benefits of our skeletal system. Nutritionists insist that you must maintain a healthy and balanced diet, not only to lose weight, but also to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


In supermarkets, we can find a wide variety of yogurts, they even have a whole section. There are many flavors, low fat, with fruits and grains, but when it comes to the healthiest of them all This is natural yoghurt., no added sugar or preservatives. It is true that most people are very used to taking it with a high sugar content, but if we want it to be the most beneficial, it must be in its natural form.

Yogurt is a dairy product that is obtained by fermenting milk with the help of certain microorganisms such as Lactobacillus or Streptococcus. Many nutritionists find natural yogurt beneficial when included in a healthy and balanced diet that is high in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. A good way to determine if our food is healthy is to use the Harvard plate rule. 50% vegetables, 25% proteins and 25% carbohydrates.

Benefits of eating natural yogurt

The reality is that yogurts are an important source of vitamins and minerals, in which calcium is released primarily. In addition, they also contain vitamins A, E, D and some B groups. Although the main beneficiaries of consuming this product are our bones, this properties of the correct use of natural yogurt in our diet:

  • Helps take care of the microbiota.

  • Strengthens the health of bones and teeth.

  • saturating effect.

  • Improves the immune system.

How to include yogurt in your diet?

It is possible that at first, and especially if we are not used to it, natural yogurt may be difficult to consume because it may be more sour and less sweet in taste. One way to get used to the taste is through introduce small portions of natural fruits, nuts or pieces of dark chocolate. We should try to avoid mixing it with other foods that contain a high dose of sugar, because otherwise we will cause the opposite effect and not reap its benefits.

One way to find out which yogurts sold on food chains are healthy is to find out their ingredients. It’s best to avoid those that are advertised as healthy and contain 0% fat, as they tend to be high in sweeteners. The best thing to do is to look at the labeling of products and check that they are natural and do not exceed the norm. 5 grams of sugar for every 100 grams of yogurt.

Like any food, it should never be overindulged and there should be room for plenty of food in our diet. Experts recommend not to consume more than two yogurts a day, so that they do not harm and affect our bacterial flora.

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