Harry Styles read a young student’s EBAU score to the entire concert


Harry Styles Lives It Up for the 56,000 Crowd at Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium And they made for a night they’ll never forget. Long days camping, endless colas and a sumptuous dinner at the entrées were the sacrifices British fans made to see their idol and undoubtedly, it was worth it.

A feature of the concerts of the former member of One Direction is his direct interaction with the public and thanks to him, many fans pray to be able to become the next lucky person who can be with him for a few minutes or just Create a strategy to grab their attention from the top of the podium.

That’s what a young student from Bilbao called “Paula” did, who did not hesitate to apply a strategy to be able to catch the artist’s eye, He took notes from EBAU and asked him to read them completely. “Are you sure you want to do this, can’t we do it in private and in front of all these people?”

After being asked what time it was, the young man began to brawl and even demanded dramatic music from the band’s musicians to make the situation more nervous. “We need five. And we have… a 6.3!”The singer eventually screamed along with thousands of people who applauded Paula for approval.


The moment was immortalized by the 50,000 in attendance, who soon started making it viral on the network. The episode did not go unnoticed, generating reactions among Internet users. “I will be happy if Harry reads my notes and I get 0 marks”, “Now I need to study and get a good qualification so that if someday I ask Harry to tell me my qualifications, Que say que pasé y esta proud de mi”, “Te imaginas que reprubas y que te lo dice Harry Styles, ocia yo no reproachería nada”, “No la conejoco perro este fue el mejor dia en la vida de paola”, are some of the most highlighted comments from the users.

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