Guadalajara concerts 2023: closing and tickets for the rest of the year

We also have many concerts to enjoy in the city of Guadalajara this 2023; We leave you a list of missed events

This 2023 is on its way, but we must recognize that it started in the best way with the arrival of artists such as themed music festivals in the city of Guadalajara. Billie Eilish 1975 Peso Pluma Morat The Killers Alejandro Sanzamong many more.

Despite the fact that this year 2023 is already half passed. We have many concerts for you to enjoy.

There are several artistes who will be stepping on the Moti Tapatiya to delight fans with their music, while others will be highlighting Haraan for the first time. Romeo Santos, The Weeknd and Luis Miguel.

concerts 2023 in Guadalajara

Next, we leave you a list of the names of the artists and groups with their signatures that will arrive in Guadalajara in 2023:

  • Romeo Santos: August 11 at Estadio Jalisco
  • big crowd: August 21 at the Telmex Auditorium
  • Frontera Group: September 1 at the Telmex Auditorium
  • white lie: September 23 at Guanamore Teatro Estudio
  • Ricky Martin: September 27 at Estadio 3 de Marzo
  • yes yes yes!: October 1 at the Guanamore Teatro Estudio
  • Michael Buble: October 9 at the Telmex Auditorium
  • weekend: October 25 at Akron Stadium
  • los fabulosos cadillac: November 11 and 12 at the Auditorio Telmex
  • cafes: November 25 at the Telmex Auditorium
  • rbd: Soy Rebelde Tour: November 26 en El Estado 3 de Marzo
  • luis miguel: December 17 and 18 at Estadio Jalisco

Tickets for some concerts are already sold out, while for others you can still get tickets and you can find them through the page

Palenque Fiestas de Octubre

In addition to concerts that will be presented in various buildings metropolitan area of ​​guadalajaraThe Fiestas de Octubre will also take place at the end where many artists will appear in El Palenque.

Official ticket sales will start this year come 14th july n l Hotel Fiesta Americana, Boots Los Potrillos or,

  • September 29: Duel
  • September 30: Nathanael Cano
  • October 1: Chuy Lizarraga
  • October 5: Gabito Ballesteros
  • October 6: Carlos Rivera
  • October 7: Edith Marquez
  • October 8: Tijuana Tucans
  • October 11: Earrings Dioras
  • October 12: Louis R. konrikez
  • October 13: Maria Jose
  • October 14: Remy Valenzuela
  • October 15: Pancho Barraza
  • October 18: Fuerza Regida
  • October 19: Ripe
  • October 20: Banda MS
  • October 21: Gloria Trevi
  • October 22: A variety of surprises
  • October 26 and 27: Julian Alvarez
  • 28 and 29 October: Christian Nodal
  • November 2: Grupo Frontera
  • November 3 and 4: Alejandro and Alex Fernandez
  • November 5: Wonder Variety

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