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Paraness Maria Clara Hedge made every Beyoncé fan’s dream come true: She got noticed and paid tribute from the pop star during the diva’s show in Hamburg, Germany.

“It was my 30th birthday and he called my name and wished me a happy birthday,” reports Maria.

The unforgettable adventure happened this week and the video went viral on social media.

Maria has been living in the German city of Baden-Württemberg on the border with Switzerland for a year now. He was born in the interior of small Monte Alegre, Pará, a municipality of 60 thousand inhabitants, to study in Europe, where he graduated in cinema and interior design. She says that she decided at the last minute to travel alone for about 770 km to see Murthy’s concert on his birthday.

Beyoncé wishes Paraense a happy birthday during a show

“I didn’t have tickets for this show, I didn’t have tickets, it was far away from where I live. But I decided everything a day in advance, on the night of the 20th, I decided to buy tickets, bought tickets”, he said.

“I have been his fan as far back as I can remember, so I don’t remember any time when I was not a fan of his. And I never got the chance to go to any of his concerts. So much so that I flew to Germany to see it. Because I had the opportunity, the right time”, he says.

Maria arrived in the city of Hamburg a few hours before the show. He says, “In connection with the show, I met extraordinary people, if not for them, I don’t think anything like this would have happened.” Maria says it was the new friends’ idea to make a poster saying it’s her birthday and sign the message with her name. “He was the one who took the cardboard, he was the one who wrote to me, he was the one who encouraged me to rise”.

Watch the moment the singer wishes Parens a happy birthday:

In concert, Beyoncé wishes birthday to Paraense in Europe

Latina Maria Hege, who lives in a small and peaceful town in the German countryside, says she experienced moments of tension a few days before her birthday. She had gone to the nearby town of Freiburg to attend a party with friends.

However, he was stopped by security at the entrance of the establishment. “The security guard said it was full, but then I realized it was full for me, because many Germans were entering the place. I went back there to question him and he just kept saying no, it’s full, and laughed, joked”, he said.

The episode was posted by Maria on social media. “I took this whole situation out on my social networks. Many rebelled, the framework of the environment, the framework of the establishment blocked us. Afterwards, we went to the Instagram of the mayor of the downtown area. He ignored the situation.

The post cited several similar reports of xenophobia and racism by other Latinos. “I received several reports from Brazilians and other Latinos who went through similar episodes. It is actually very complicated, because, for example, it was the week of my birthday, it was the moment when I managed to gather my friends to enjoy, to celebrate something. And being stopped there and then hearing reports from other people passing by left me feeling powerless.”

“That episode was really complicated, because, often, xenophobia, both racism and homophobia, it’s a look, it’s a gesture. It’s not talked about often, so you can’t prove it. You just feel and it hurts a lot, you know?”

Dream birthday: Beyoncé and a crowd of 75,000 ‘party’

But this story has a happy ending. Deciding to go to Idol’s concert and encouraged by her new friends, Mariah stands in front of the stage. Beyoncé read the poster and congratulated her by saying the name of Paraness. At this moment, Paraense was trembling as a man celebrating the end of the Cup. Next to friends, many screams of emotion.

,I went alone, and when I finally looked over the edge, there was a stadium with 75,000 peopleHe is singing Happy Birthday to me. And then, when the show started, Beyoncé herself greeted me by saying my name”, said the Mercury lady.

“Life takes turns that are unbelievable and I think that’s the message for my life, and it could be for anyone else’s, that a bad day is just a bad day.”

Maria Hedge says, “Extraordinary things can happen to anyone.”

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