Ben Affleck gets into an accident with one of his Lujososos autos and gets help from the person you’d least expect

Ben Affleck lost one of his luxurious carsThe car was checked in the middle of the road during a special visit with his minor son.

The situation so surprised drivers in traffic in Brentwood, California that one of her fans even came to her rescue to help repair the car.

According to photographic agency The Grosby Group, this happened a few days ago in Brentwood, California, where the actor and his son Tuvieron hit their way due to their problems. Classic Coach Cadillac DeVille,

Ben Affleck is betrayed by his luxury car

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In the midst of an unexpected situation, he jennifer lopez husband, Opened the car safe and overhauling the engine in search of a solution. Immediately a fan ricconcio y se detuvo para audarloThat’s why he was seen taking some fluids to fix it at that time.

The problem may have had a simple solution, as Affleck was seen visiting a nearby factory and asking for some of the product, which he was later served. Stroll to the car and walk down the aisle next to his young child, the result of his premarital marriage to Jennifer Garden.

The day Ben Affleck’s son built a Lamborghini

Everything indicates adventures are common with autos ben affleck and your son, how about when the little one has a car accident in lamborghiniI think he registered around 777 Exotics, a company specializing in renting luxury cars.

Yes, when performing handling maneuvers, the boy could not control the steering wheel and crashed with a bmw who was behind.

As soon as he realized the shock, Ben’s son drove out of the prison in a car to see what had happened. At that moment, Ben Affleck lovingly hugs her, trying to reassure her and ease her fear.

Ben Affleck has had other accidents with cars

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Another adventure ensues as Ben Affleck leaves the country with his newcomer electric ford bronco On December 2022, whose market price is around 150 thousand dollars.

The “Batman” interpreter went there for a walk, which he enjoyed with the vehicle, but in a solo exit, since the co-pilot star was his youngest son, who had also acquired a passion for cars.

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