After announcing her embarrassment, Kourtney Kardashian reveals how her belly has grown Heart

Kourtney Kardashian is happy. Ever since he met Travis Barker, it seems he’s been living in a mess. This wedding came three times farewell and that one wedding was a small celebration for your love. Now it is the turn of your first child.

They had been trying for some time, no doubt they wanted to become priests together. Her 44 Years Makes It More Complicated, But Kourtney Isn’t Giving Up Had to undergo various in vitro fertilization treatments to be ashamed, She also followed several recommendations such as drinking her husband’s semen.

Eventually, he got it. ,I believe in what God has in store for us, if it’s a child, that will please us, it will be”, Dacia in the last season keeping up with the Kardashian, And it looks like your dreams have come true.

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There is also the same reality in which it was told that the eggs that were frozen in Mucho Cervieron. “When I was 38 or 39, everyone tried to persuade me to take it. Before Travis, I had seven frozen eggs from years ago, Most didn’t survive the defrost. Eggs are a single cell, and none of them manage to transform themselves into an embryo once fertilized. Freezing eggs doesn’t guarantee you anything. It’s a misconception, people do it thinking it’s some kind of safety net, but it isn’t”, he confessed.


He found other ways and finally, he achieved his goal and announced it in a concert with his boy blink 182, As soon as a fan of the group found a banner, the only thing that set him apart from other fans, he made an important announcement: “travis, i’m sorry,

The drummer didn’t even think twice before stopping the concert and hugging his wife. ,TN 44 Yrs. This Is Why Women Shouldn’t Feel So Sophisticated In Their 20s”, he wrote ahead of the video that captures the moment in the context of the age in which the new mother will be born.

growing belly

it came after the announcement first pictures of your belly He’s already grown up a bit. Kim Kardashian’s sister wears a semitransparent black bodysuit that allows us to appreciate how heavy her bowels are.

“I am overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for this blessing, a plan from God,” he wrote next to a reel where we see Travis turn his belly into an improvised battery.

big family

The family expands. Kourtney already has three children from her relationship Scott Disick, Raj Mistri (13) penelope (10) Empire (8). The musician presented the fruits of his relationship with the other three children in the family Shanna Moakler, on the ground (19) Alabama (17) atiana (22). The latter was his ex-wife’s daughter and he decided to adopt her and brought her up from childhood.

So, when you hook up with a new member, there will be seven kids between the two of you.

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