A Spanish teacher teaches the tricks of incorporating alcohol into concerts

El Mad Cool is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year due to the number of national and international artists. This year it is celebrated in Madrid in early July and has been celebrated there ever since. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Machine Gun Kelly, Robbie Williams, Sam Smith, Lil Nas X, The 1975’s and The Black Keys to Zetak or Delaporteamong others.

And during the summer the music festivals are not to be missed. Oh, holy festival! According to the report of In 2022, 109 festivals will be held in the Madrid communityWhile in the Spanish region the festivals are realized increased by 20% compared to 2019.ahora, a la capital de españa he touches the acogar until september Noches del Botanico, Reggaeton Beach Festival, Universal Music Festival and Festival Gigante,

Many attendees asked if they could enter with food and drink during these hot days. Specialists in legal aid for festivals and artists point out that “there is no rule that explicitly recognizes the right of a user to access a show or concert with their own products” and “the statement that it is not legal to restrict access to drinks and food at festivals and concerts is based solely on the organizers They are not primarily dedicated to Hostelleria., improper clauseBecause it considers anything that causes “a significant imbalance in the rights and obligations of the parties deriving from the contract” to be libelous.

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Since each festival operates in a different way, la tiktoker @kriis_gjp In his viral Tiktok video, he has taught the trick to enter a festival with alcohol. It’s something that no one knows about and it’s very simple, because all you need are the ingredients: a packaged burrito and alcohol,

“Ichamos agua caliente para afljor el sticking (of the bottle), I take it with a lot of care and politeness to start leaving it halfway down both sides”, Empiza. “Open the burrito, Le Sachs Todo El RellenoPour wine into the bottle and roll it back as if it had been refilled”.

Once it’s ready, you have to present it again, add it to the package: “You adjust, put oven paper (on the sides of the plastic wrap) and with hair plancha Le das con la minima theme y y tênes el alcohol”.

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