50 km from Zarate: a unique place where “the well-being of people depends on comprehensive care”

This place is in Luján, 50 km from Zarate and 70 km from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, where the Life Center Luján has already opened its doors, which, according to EL DEBATE media, is “the first center for behavioral medicine in South America.” do we know him together? Look.

Peace, harmony and beauty a few kilometers from Zarate, in Luhan.

The pandemic has left very deep consequences in people’s lives, it has taught us to think about health in a complex way and to value the body not only as physiological variables, but also as environmental, psychological, sociological, nutritional ones. Being aware of our body and its needs is essential to achieve greater well-being.

Led by Professor Juan Carlos Picasso, Recognized Professor of Psychology, Health Sciences and Humanities in Kinesiology, Nutrition, Medicine and Educational Psychology from the Universities of Montemorelos (Mexico) and Adventista del Plata Argentina, Life Center Luján promotes behavioral medicine and habit change.

This center offers its visitors a green haven with a holistic and personalized approach to the treatment of emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety, overweight and problematic consumption.

Through talks and activities designed to inspire and guide guests on their path to holistic wellness, Picasso shares his experience of holistic healing and promotes the belief that each person is capable of transforming and achieving a state of wholeness.

Visitors are accompanied by a transformation process that allows them to achieve their goals and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Juan Carlos Picasso

Life Center is distinguished by a wide variety of programs aimed at solving problems associated with the current lifestyle, and includes a set of activities and procedures aimed at restoring the physical, psychological and social well-being of people. Target
The main goal is to guide your visitors into a transformation process that will allow them to achieve their goals and move towards a healthy lifestyle. To do this, he has the commitment and ongoing support of a team of professionals made up of doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, exercise specialists, experts in stress management and other wellbeing-related disciplines.

The spaces have been designed with care and attention, providing a space dedicated to relaxing and focusing on the transformation process. In addition, the hotel service is focused on providing comfort and well-being during your stay.

These Programs

● HEALTH | 4 days: This program gives you the opportunity to experience the benefits of the therapeutic resources of the Life Center in a short time and work intensively on the historical causes of your problems.

● TRANSFORMATION | 7 Days: Offers highly effective therapeutic resources to identify and treat unresolved issues that persist for three months or more. The most common and cause of multiple disorder conflicts and
dissatisfaction with the affective, work and personal order, with the characteristics of a high level of exactingness and a low tolerance for frustration.

● I FEED | 7 days: This is the door to get out of the trap of interpersonal conflict and overcome paralyzing emotions associated with fear, guilt, anger and sadness. During an intensive week, participants will learn strategies to effectively manage these emotions and improve personal relationships.

● JOY | 7 Days: It is designed to provide effective tools to help control anxiety, manage stress, overcome depression, and identify psychosocial risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Over the course of seven days, participants will be able to explore and work on these key areas to improve their emotional and physical well-being.

● REVOLUTION | 7 Days: Offers sobriety as a way to overcome social addictions while creating the necessary conditions for guests to build lives with meaning and purpose. During an intensive week, attendees will receive support and guidance to overcome problematic usage and lay a solid foundation for a healthy future.

● PASSION | 7 days: Goal: To help participants love themselves and their bodies, reduce excess weight, change habits and maintain long-term results. For seven days, participants will immerse themselves in the journey
self-knowledge and the study of practical tools for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Each program has been designed to provide participants with the tools and resources they need to tackle the challenges they face in their lives. The goal is to help people achieve significant and sustainable results.

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