10 curiosities from one of the best DC movies, ‘Wonder Woman’

Launched in 2017, wonder woman It was a cultural phenomenon. be the first live action The film, directed by a woman in history with a budget of over US$100 million, received very positive reviews, in contrast to the directed productions. Snyderand grossed over $820 million at the box office.

Moreover, at a time when dc universe Was going through a serious identity crisis, Amazonia brought a little hope to movie fans and studios that the shared universe could work. thinking about it, cinepop Ten curiosities taken apart about the epic adventure that propelled Wonder Woman back to the highest echelons of pop culture. check out!

dream of life

Chief patty jenkins was set to direct the film wonder woman Which would have released in 2005 but ultimately did not see the light of the day. At that point, she had to leave the project as she learned that she was pregnant and would take time off to devote herself to motherhood. So when he was asked to join the project more than a decade later, he accepted it without hesitation, even saying he had waited his whole life for that moment.


during the opening scene, when the little Diana Ordered by Aids in training Amazon Antiope, It is possible to see that they wear a leather strap of the same color as their skin in the chest area, which makes it appear that they do not have breasts. This is a reference to accounts of the Amazons in Greek mythology who allegedly had their breasts removed or burned so as not to be harmed in battle.


To be able to recreate the spectacular landscapes full of relief and with the sea in the background, which have always been characteristic of the legendary paradise island Themyscira, the production resorted to real-world location. As such, he recorded scenes on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. In addition to the look being absolutely heavenly, according to production members, the area’s climate was ideal for long open-air shoots.


after the direction of zack snyder It was heavily criticized for bringing in the erotic Wonder Woman angle. Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Patty Jenkins actively participated in the film’s production design, and voiced her opinion on creating costumes and armor for the Amazons that display the strength and practicality the warriors have to battle and look good on stage. Similarly, being a woman, she was very concerned about recording the gal in poses that referred to power, not desire.


When she was announced as the new Wonder Woman actress in theaters girl gadot It was heavily criticized on the Internet for being considered “too thin” for the role of an Amazon warrior. get as diana princeGal underwent at least nine months of special training and diet until she gained 17 kg of pure muscle mass, and silenced critics with her superhero physique and charisma.

diana prince

In the comics, Diana takes on her secret identity and appears as Wonder Woman in the context of World War II. She takes the surname “Prince” from a US Army nurse and uses it as her given name. However, his first contact with humanity occurs during World War I in the film. According to the management, this option was chosen because it was a more decisive time for society, when technology was still progressing slowly and prejudice against women was even greater, opening up more possibilities for debating controversial topics. And finally, the film shows that the surname “Prince” is short for “Diana, Princess of Themyscira”, making fun of the amount of time it takes for the superheroine to introduce herself to others.


one of the important items of steve trevor ,Chris Pine) is your watch. If you look closely, you will see that this is a pocket watch that has been adapted with a leather strap to fit on the wrist. In addition to giving Steve more personality, it is indicative of one of the major changes brought about by World War I in fashion. At the time, it was common for men to keep pocket watches inside their suits. But battle tactics required quick access to accurate timing, so the military began to adapt them into wrist versions. With the end of confrontation, fashion took hold and wristwatches became one of the most popular accessories in the following years.


Initially, Patty Jenkins wanted to make a simple tribute to the legendary superheroine from her childhood, linda carter, who played Wonder Woman in the famous 70s TV series, had a cameo in the film. Unfortunately, the actress had a scheduling conflict and could not make the special appearance as dreamed up by the director. But Patty didn’t give up and managed to get Linda to do a bit of work in the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984 (2020).


Wonder Woman was banned by the governments of Lebanon, Turkey, and Qatar, and never premiered in those countries. That’s because the film stars Gal Gadot, who is not only from Israel, but has served in the Israeli Defense Forces for two years, and has served as a combat instructor for other military personnel. This shows that these countries are supporters of the Palestinian cause. And since Gal acted as a Zionist poster girl, praising the Israeli government in some interviews, the authorities of those countries decided to veto the exhibition there.

It was meant to be

A queen hippolytaleader of the Amazons and Diana’s mother, was played by approx. Nicole Kidman, But she had to decline the invitation due to scheduling conflicts with the filming of the series. big little liesFrom HBO, With this the role was won by Danish connie nielsen, But this wasn’t the only chance Kidman was given to enter dc universe, So, when a new invitation came, now to explain queen atlanamother of aquaman, She didn’t think twice and got on with the project. When destiny has it that you become the mother of a DC character, nothing can stop you.

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