Why Shakira? Eiza Gonzalez was caught holidaying with Lewis Hamilton

Eiza Gonzalez holidays with Lewis Hamilton and other friends after the Grand Premio de Gran Britana (Reuters)

eiza gonzalez vacation en el mar are found with some friends, among them I could see Lewis HamiltonBut without Shakira, the rumored three un romanced from Con Queen.

hero of ambulance She has repeatedly stated that she is not in a romantic relationship with everyone who sees her, but again she was a topic of conversation after she was seen with one of the men of the era: Lewis Hamilton.

On 14 July, pictures began to circulate of the Formula 1 pilot holidaying with some people on a yacht in Ibiza. What else was photographed by the tennis player? jenny stre spatelenBut it was also seen by Iza González.

Lewis was spotted in Ibiza with Eiza-Gonzalez and Jenni Stray Spätlan!#F1 #Lewis Hamilton

– Mercedes F1 Team News (@MercedesF1_News) 14 July 2023

While the tennis player and the English were caught pleading, González simply enjoyed Alberta.

However, he wasn’t the only one at the little Hamilton reunion, he was also graced by Baz Luhrmann (the film’s director) and his wife, Catherine Martin.

According to local media reports, they met after Grand Prix from Great Britain. Iza is currently in France and attended the Muse concert in Marseille on 15 July.

It is not the first time that the Mexican has been seen with Lewis Hamilton, years before he has also attended events where he is found.

Iza hasn’t shared anything about Hamilton on her network, only during her Europe trip (screenshot/Instagram)

Although Iza and Jenny Spatlan will only be friends with Hamilton, netizens question their romance rumors shakira Y el pilot de Mercedes, Puis la Cantante, was also captured along with another man.

interpreter of 14th of july night hips don’t lie I was seen having dinner with Jimmy Butler in London, with whom there were also rumors of an engagement. Their meeting was very secretive and representatives of Ningüno de los Dos wanted to announce the alleged romance.

On the other hand, a few days ago Shakira apparently met Hamilton after the circuit SILVERSTONE In a bar in London.

Through social networks and interviews, Iza has asked that she no longer be criticized for going out with men (Reuters)

Ever since the Mexican woman started her career in Hollywood, she has been said to have romances with different actors, with some of her alleged most controversial boyfriends Liam Hemsworth, jason momoa or Timothée Chalamet,

Hemsworth is still criticizing Gonzalez today, so it can be said that he is already on his way out of breaking his commitment with her. Miley Cyrus, They were caught kissing each other on several occasions, but they did not give any statement about it.

The last person Ija confirmed a romance with Paul Rabilwho was reportedly planning to head to the altar on December 2021, before calling off their wedding.

Paul is the last person Eiza has confirmed to be romancing (Instagram/@eizagonzalez)

concurrency has simply been related Josh Duhamel, Maluma, Calvin Harris or Cristiano Ronaldo,

As a response to the many occasions on which she has been criticized for her citations with various men, the protagonists of lola erase it once magazine announced L’Official USA They will keep showing up with as many people as they want until they find their perfect mate.

“If I’m ambitious, and if I have appointments and salt, I’m not going to be with someone if I don’t feel better and become a better version of myself. If it gets me past 150,000 people, hey, because I deserve someone who makes me feel like a better person”, he sentenced.

Furthermore, she reprimanded people for criticizing her for going out with various men and for not recognizing the efforts she has made in her artistic career. For this reason, I also added that he will not conform to the minimum in any area of ​​his life.

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