Travis Scott, streaming the concert from Egypt

This one July 28 at 9 PM american rapper travis scott Will present “utopia“From the front of the historical Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, In a performance that will be replayed live. Tickets are already available to attend this event aliveness,

At the time of the announcement of the concert, follow the pre-order of the new album “utopia“It doesn’t have a launch date. Scott And his team has informed regarding pre-orders of the disc that there will be five different covers, but none have been published yet. When pre-ordering a physical copy of the album “Utopia 2 Disc LP Cover 5,” Even after paying 50$ without counting the duty and shipping cost you have no idea what door you are going to touch. In addition to CDs and vinyl, they also have exclusive merchandise for sale.utopia,

Despite the fact that the album is not yet available, last May, the singer decided to offer his local team, the Houston Astros, a special advance of his next album in the dressing room at Minute Maid Park. travis scott This is one of the most successful rappers in the United States. your support rosalia, Kanye West hey MIA Reach out to as many people as possible elsewhere. El cantante de treinta y dos años counts among three successful studio albums, “Rodeo” (15) “Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight” (16) “Astroworld” (18).

Both the album and the concert would be the first since the critical successes of Astroworld 2021The celebration which happened in Houston and in which 8 people died and many others were inherited.

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