Taylor Swift and Beyoncé concert, beautiful millionaire queens

Taylor Swift and Beyoncé are two of dozens of stars who have found themselves on the road to promoting the booming market of concert tours after pandemic-induced cancellations and plazmientos.

From Pink to Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen or Drake, passing through SZA or The Weeknd, 2023-2024 is on track to be the best stage in the history of live music.

Taylor Swift will perform 106 concerts on her tour “The Eras”, which could raise $1,000 million in ticket sales, a league in which Beyoncé also plays, set to debut the North American segment of “Renaissance”.

If either of them had reached this historic mark, they would have surpassed Elton John, who returned on June 18 for his farewell tour, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road”, which grossed $910 million in 2018, according to Billboard’s calculations. So the last concert needs to be added on July 8 in Stockholm. John surpassed the record held by Ed Sheeran, who raised $776 million in cash on his 2017-2019 “Divide” tour.

Part of these impressive figures is due to increased ticket prices: Sheeran charged a little less than $100 for “Divide,” according to Pollstar, but he performed at more than 200 concerts. The cheapest tickets to Beyonce and Swift concerts have more than doubled in price.

Resale takes place for 6,000 Euros

Tickets for Taylor Swift’s next performance in Madrid on May 30, 2024, range from 73 to 226.50 euros, excluding VIP packs. But that didn’t stop that in just over three hours, since they went on sale, these juves were practically sold out. Resale takes place for 6,000 Euros

The first users to access Virtual Glu saw that ticket prices fluctuated between 73 Euros as the cheapest option and 600 Euros as the most expensive option. On average, a general entrance to the track costs 170 Euros and the front side of the track costs 230 Euros.

Just over an hour after the start of the sale, at around 15.00, some users on Twitter had already shared messages to sell their tickets for 750 or 950 euros. Faced with high demand for resale, Ticketmaster has reminded fans that they should not rely on advertisements on the network offering tickets.

« It’s illegal, ‘Swifties’: don’t buy tickets to unknown persons or use Ticketmaster on the web. Don’t trust the offers you see”, it was published.

High demand to see Taylor Swift in Madrid a decade after her last concert in Spain has led to tickets being advertised on ticket resale portal, StubHub, for a price of 6,000 euros.

The tour of Europe, which will include more than twenty finales, begins in Paris on May 9, 2024 and ends in London on August 17, 2024. Madrid will be the fifth stop on the tour after Lisbon (Portugal) on 24th of this month and Lyon (France) before resuming on 2nd June.

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