Spanish comics win the prestigious Eisner Awards again.

It has already become a classic for domestic comic book authors to receive more than one award at the annual Eisner Awards, better known as the “Oscars for Comic Books”, presented as part of the San Diego Comic Con, one of the largest cartoon events on the planet. This year was not without great talent, and the statuette went to three Spanish creators: Bruno Redondo, Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido.

The good news softens a difficult year for the medium with the deaths of famous cartoonists and some bitter arguments about the precariousness of the profession on our borders, so many artists do live off the fact that their work is sold abroad, especially in France and the United States. The first part ”, received the coveted trophy in the category“ Best American Publication of International Content ”. Garnido in the graphic part and Diaz Canales in the script are responsible for the sixth part of one of the best-selling series of European origin. Its sequel will see the light of day at the end of the year, published by the editors of Norma for these payments. Redondo at full speed wins two Eisners with his art: Best Cover Artist and Best Series Regular, along with screenwriter Tom Taylor for his work on Nightwing, read the evolution of Batman’s companion, Robin, as an avenger thug who likes to dress in blue.

Blacksad won a National Comic Award in 2014 for their album Yellow. Its creators are accustomed to awards. Guarnido himself took on more than one Eisner, named after Master Will Eisner, in different sections during 2011 and 2015. The famous cat detective began his career with Blacksad: A Place in the Shadows, a cinematic album featuring anthropomorphic animals sweeping France. They sold copies for their own pleasure, and also received rave reviews and awards. Canales (screenwriter) and Guarnido (drawing and color) came from the field of animation – they met in the early nineties at the Madrid studio Lápiz Azul – a fact that is not difficult to verify by analyzing the nature of their work under the influence of more adult images of Disney. The characters are mammals of all kinds, and the finish of the illustrations is reminiscent of Mickey Mouse’s father’s factory, including a touch of sorts. The stories, pure film noir with murders to uncover, are told with good pulse, and the impressive vignettes have a truly precious talent for drawing. The secret of the work’s appeal lies in its versatility, an impeccable work that is read with gratitude. A paper hero, a feline animal more human than humans.

All Rising Hero

In Blacksad: Everything Falls Down. Part one: A cat investigator must defend a union leader in a case where theatre, journalism and corruption merge. For his part, Redondo picked up the ECC-edited DC Comics Nightwing series with his own storytelling and art. The nighttime superhero has been resurrected thanks to the vibrant work of the Spanish cartoonist, who offers the comic book reader some visually striking pages. “Injustice. God Among Us: Year One, Suicide Squad, or Justice League are other titles this author has worked on in his unstoppable career.

This year, there were several local firms that chose Eisner, delivered, as it does every July, in parallel with the San Diego Comic-Con celebrations. Alvaro Martinez Bueno, David Lopez and Javier Fernandez were also on the list. Tom King and Greg Smallwood’s Live Target won Best Limited Series, while Chip Zdarsky’s Public Domain won the top award for a new series. Dominican-American Claribel A. Ortega received the award in the category “Best Edition for Children 9 to 12 Years” thanks to “Frizzy” along with Rose Busamra. The song Do A Powerbomb! powerful Daniel Warren Johnson won the 13-17 category. Tom Gold’s Revenge of the Librarians won Best Humor Edition and James Tynion IV (Good House on the Lake, Something’s Killing the Children) won Best Screenplay. Stan Sakai, a true legend, won his seventh Eisner Prize for Best Writing Artist for his superb Usagi Yojimbo series.

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