Shakira says, “Finding a loyal person is difficult, very difficult.”

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Singer Shakira has had a lot to talk about in the past year, not only about her songs, but about the whole situation she’s faced following her split with athlete Gerard Pique. After all that happened, the Colombian did not miss the opportunity to thank his fans for their understanding and support.

The Colombian gave an interview to the journalist Alejandra Espinoza for the Univision program, Primer Impacto, made available this Thursday (14), in which he talks about the successful years of his career that have no boundaries. The presenter said, “You showed us that the sky is the limit for you.”

Shakira emphasized in the interview that she believes that her parents and children, as well as her fans, have been a pillar of strength for her to stay on her feet after what happened last year. “I think I have the best fans in the world, they are really amazing. They know me very well, they understand me, support me, protect me and I feel very safe by them’, she replies.

Shakira, without naming Pique, recalls the lack of loyalty in her previous relationship, which made her feel more like a woman than ever. “Look, loyalty is a strange thing nowadays, finding a loyal person is very, very difficult. In that case (referring to fans), I feel lucky,” says the singer.

Finally, the journalist recalled the famous line from her song with Bizarrap, “I believe now that women don’t cry, women earn”. Laughing, Shakira agreed with Espinoza and explained that “Yeah, I don’t know who said that, but he’s right”.

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