Paula Fernandes reveals what it was like meeting Taylor Swift in 2012

The singers released music in partnership, gave interviews and performed a private show in Rio de Janeiro.

one of the last stages of the career of Taylor Swift In country music, of course, before it shifted to pop, it was a duet with a Brazilian artist. In 2012, American released a version of “Long Live”, a track from the album. Speak now (2010), with the participation of Paula Fernandes,

The girl from Sete Lagos recorded the verses in Portuguese with lyrics in English in the middle of the original song. The success was so great that the reissue found a place on the soap opera’s soundtrack. Brazil AvenueFrom tv globoin addition to reaching the top iTunes Brazil,

This seems unimaginable, given the size Swift’s work has attained since the shift to a more pop sound, which is embodied in the album. 1989 (2014). However, the then country artist also traveled to Brazil with the intention of promoting the single, with the right to participate in TV programs with Paula. It was the artist’s only commercial trip to the country, and she will now return with a debut tour for concerts in November. Rio de Janeiro (17th, 18th and 19th) and Sao Paulo (24, 25 and 26).

Taylor Swift and Paula Fernandes (breeding)

Eleven years later, what memories does Paula Fernandes have of the partnership? in an interview with QA, the Brazilian fondly recalled the partnership with “Blonde”. Initially, he revealed that he was amused by fans’ initiative to create memes based on one of the interviews the two had given at that time to the TV presenter. Eliana,

“I followed it and enjoyed it a lot, I even made a few memes. The creativity of my fans deserves to be studied. I have the best memories of that conversation.”

And how did Paula feel about being able to work with Taylor, who at that point had already presented herself as one of the great revelations of American music? she answers:

“I felt the natural nervousness of being next to an international artist, but also the satisfaction of being invited to perform a Portuguese version of the song and sing with me.”

Paula Fernandes and Taylor Swift live

The partnership between Paula Fernandes and Taylor Swift was not limited to the recording of “Long Live” and interviews. During American’s visit to Brazil, the duo played a private show at the then Citibank Hall (today called Qualistage) in Rio de Janeiro. On this occasion, in addition to the double, “Blond” played six other songs: “Sparks Fly”, “You Belong With Me”, “Mean”, “Love Story”, “Fifteen” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

still in a statement QAPaula revealed that the two went out to dinner together and, again, Taylor was a happy person.

“She was nice and kind. He showed me things on his cell phone that were important to him, like the cats he had, and we chose almost the same dish for dinner, without ever matching.

Despite the change in the American’s style, the Brazilian remains a huge fan of her colleague’s work.

“I think it is a phenomenon, I love all his songs. I would love to be with her again, sing and talk.


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