On trip to Israel, Eliana reveals who was her first love

On Sunday, July 23, “Programa Aliana” will show the presenter’s visit to Israel. There, Eliana Will show the curiosities of the country and the most important places in the Middle East where Jesus passed. You’ll learn about Nazareth, believed to be the birthplace of Christianity, sail the waters of the Sea of ​​Galilee, where Jesus Christ performed miracles, and much more. Beyond religious places, Eliana reveals what life is like for people living in Tel Aviv next door to comedian Narcissa James BarnabasShowcasing an exhilarating city with beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, parks to relax in and much more.

And here’s an exclusive interview with one of the world’s greatest psychics, lior suchardWhich will display the superpowers of the human brain. He has already read the minds of Queen Elizabeth, Kim Kardashian, Steven Tyler, J Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and in the 2022 World Cup, Lior has drawn the scoreboards for the games.

Now, apart from uncovering and revealing the presenter’s first love, she will be challenged to guess some numbers that Eliana thinks of. This is correct!

During a conversation with Ileana, the psychic says: “I think that is what you used to say to her. Coco?”

Ileana was shocked: “Oh my god, you got it right. How absurd!” The secret of this presenter will be shown in the program, among other details.

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