LEC: Fnatic maintains the illusion of making it to the World Championship

LEC Fnatic defeats MAD Lions and maintains the illusion

The elimination duels have already begun, and the first of them ended with a bulletproof team. Fnatic beat MAD Lions in Group A playoffs summer LEC and refers to another encounter of life or death. Orange organization live another day, top European division League of Legends and he does it with the illusion on his feet. After a poor group stage debut Fnatic managed to pull themselves together and crush MAD Lions 2-0. black-orange advance to the Group B qualifying match, and MAD Lions become the first knockout from the group stage.

The miracle of Berlin is rejuvenated as fans beat matches with their hearts in their hands. Fnatic saves the first of many life-or-death duels in the LEC that he has to play to get to the world championships. The Orange roster defeats MAD Lions in the first qualifying match of the summer and leaves the Lions out of competition. With this victory Fnatic advance to qualifying match To playoffs, in which he will face SK Gaming. On the other side, INSANE lions becomes first team out groups, dropping to 8th place after the spring championship.

In a rather decanted series, Fnatic won and regained good health. The LEC saw the good face of Fnatic again and they did it when it was time to play, in an extreme situation. The historic European team easily managed to overcome the one-dimensional MAD Lions. Prominent mentions in the series are by Oscar Muñoz.oscarininand Adrian Tribustrimby“, who were outstanding, especially played their role as a rival.

Fnatic must defeat their top executioner to advance to the LEC playoffs

With the fresh air and the momentum he gets from the ropes, Fnatic will be waiting for the continuation of the miracle. A team that has Ivan Martin “razor» the rift commander will try to classify playoffs at the last meeting Group B. Match in which to compare Fnatic SC Gameswhich once again is a matter of life or death for the orange squad since if it lands this round Fnatic will not classify LEC season finaleand consequently he will be excluded from the 2023 World Cup.

Even though it’s a duel that doesn’t feel impossible, history doesn’t favor those in orange at all. And this is what until 2023. Fnatic has never beaten SK Gaming. The German team has been Fnatic’s kryptonite throughout the season. 5-0 in favor of the boys SC Gaming.

Of course, Fnatic seems to have rebuilt and adapted to the best of three (Bo3). Something they will have to show against SK Gaming after losing 2-0 in their debut in group B. duel between fnatic And SC Games it will be Sunday 23 July from 18:00.

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