Kate Winslet says, “Men need to understand that women are good just as they are, and often even better.” Your age

A few months ago, in late 2022, Kate Winslet finished shooting another film in which she worked as a producer and actress: the feature TookThe story of model and photographer Elizabeth “Lee” Miller who became a visual reporter the trend America during World War II. This work was a special flavor for Kate because it was directed by a woman – filmmaker Ellen Kuras. “She’s a 60-year-old woman. It’s exciting. Things are changing in the film industry.”

She recalls, not too long ago, women’s participation in cinema was very low, on many levels: both in terms of the number of significant roles available and behind the scenes. “When I was 20, I was expected to be very grateful for everything, because I was young and it was men who got the best roles. Now we are seeing a change. There are more roles for women, and women do other things. But, of course, there is still a lot to be done. Men have to understand that women are just as good, and often even better. Only 17% of the leading roles in the highest-grossing movies are in the lead roles.

In this connection, talked to the actress who was the global ambassador of L’Oreal Paris the trend The importance of such incentives was highlighted during the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Brasil, where she attended to present the Lights on Women award, created by the brand to encourage the work of young film directors. In its third edition, the award had Kate as the chair of the jury and was awarded to Frenchwoman Fatima Kasi for the film. voice of others, a story about exile. “I know how much love and energy goes into making a film, everything. That’s why it’s so wonderful that we have an initiative like this where women have a space, can share their work and talk about it with other women. People who win awards really see a change in their lives: they get support, they get taken to film festivals and they get financial support.”

Kate Winslet at the Lights On Women Awards – Photo: Getty Images

As an example, he mentions the development that German Alexandra Odić went through, who won the first edition of Lights on Women in 2021 with a short. frida: “We kept in touch and now she’s shooting her first feature film. As a judge, I look for productions that spark feelings in me that I haven’t felt yet, that inspire me to keep watching even when they’re over”, he says.

One of the events that Kate cites as important for the wider presence of women in cinema is the Me Too movement, which has – and with great fanfare – condemned cases of sexual and moral harassment around the world, including Hollywood. “When MeToo started, there wasn’t a woman who didn’t say ‘Wow, this happens to me too’ or ‘This happens to me all the time’. We were treated unfairly, and the movement didn’t make it laughable anymore.”

Also contributed in furthering the discussion about women in the society. “20 or even 10 years ago, we didn’t have this conversation. This space wasn’t given to us. Today, young women know and want to use their voices, take their message forward. New generations really know how to do that. I need to learn.”

At 47, Kate Winslet has followed her career since childhood – coming from a family involved in the arts, she did her first interpretation at the age of five – and grew up admiring and around names like Helen Mirren, Susan Sardon and Emma Thompson, whom she cites as great references. “When I look at them, I say, ‘That’s what I want to be.’

To young women, at the start of their trajectories, she affirms her optimism in the form of inspirational advice: “What would you say to women starting out? If you believe in something, do it. If you’re determined to follow a dream, just go for it. Don’t listen to people who say it’s a tough, competitive environment. When I was young, there weren’t so many movies being made.” streaming, For example. There were few professions available in between. Today a lot is being produced, there are many channels, TVs. So all I can say is keep believing, keep working, new talent. we need you.”

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