It was the same the day after the launch of MARCA’s campaign

Teaafter an intense trip to Eyre with him Spanish national team victory In Costa Rica, today was Recovery Day. He at ease. New Zealand, on the sixth day of the MARCA campaign in Spain back to training, The starters worked out in the gym and the substitutes on the playing field. Plus, internationals can enjoy a free lunch.

focus, as not, has been in alexia putellasthat air connects them last 15 minutes, There was a conversation between the coach and the player before the season and both reached the top together.

george vilda You want to take care of your star, and so of course you left it on the rear press wheel for Duel of Ayr, where you remark that Iban should be With him “carefully”. And Iban has been asked to work in coordination with your club. “Let’s do what the doctor says”Explained to the selector.

beginning of the united states

The big favourite, the United States, has disputed this morning first date against Vietnam in the 2023 World Cup, in which Front End Sam Smith Highlights, who have noted the goals. So, if you convert there Second youngest player in US team history to sign a doublet at the World Cup. The party ended 3-0.


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