Harry Styles has everything to know: Leonor and Sofia have been criticized for their controversial arrival in three armored cars at a British concert and a private meeting with the former One Direction people | Entertainment

Harry Styles’ passing through Madrid during a concert held on the night of 14 July caused a stir among many fanatics. Iberdrola MusicAn event that could not pass by the most loyal fans of the Spanish royalty, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía.

Both teenagers feel an interest in the music of British and its former member boy band in the same directionThat is why they could not look aside and attend this appointment before each taking a new course to fulfill their vacancies and continue their academic preparation.

Music idol started screaming during one of his tour shows “Love On Tour” In which it has been told that some fans are also feeling faint. el español in your Instagram post. But this was not the case with the Bourbon sisters.

According to the Spanish press, the two were accompanied by their mother, Queen Letizia, to the show and, in addition, as is the privilege of every princess, she had a private meeting with Harry Styles in the artist’s dressing room. And because one of them would be the future Queen of Spain.

Princess Leonor is preparing to join the army: the heir to the throne must run at least 45 minutes in a row and do 100 flexions a day

In social networks, information was filtered about the presence of the Queen and the Spanish princesses at the concert. also aired video on tiktok of the apparent arrival of members of the Spanish royal family Iberdrola Music Between three armored vehicles in Valverde.

The first entry in the recording shows a black car with dark glasses and the rear of a van with the same features entering the site at full speed at 16:53, at which time Harry Styles An estaba en el camerino.

there is no certainty that they are Royal Family Iban there, but nuria marin since “Royal Salsio” There was a great joy at the arrival of Letizia, Leonor and Sofía in a multiparty event.

By the way, the reactions did not wait and criticism did not take long to appear, but since the program “public mirror” Which is broadcast by Antena 3 in Dudaron to protect the Queen, Princess Leonor and her sister from malicious comments.

“It’s just that there were a lot of people on social networks who wanted to give up the treatment they received from the daughters of kings in order to be able to have this meeting. They also said that they do not have to stick and have to escort them, this is the reality of girls since they are born”, commented Lorena Vazquez in her intervention.

Meanwhile, another aide of Space commented that “you can’t hire a girl to make glue who’s going to be Queen of Spain”. K Studio added, “There are controversies that make no sense”. antenna 3,

It is not the first time that Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia have enjoyed the Harry Tiles show, as they shared with real fans some exclusive images from the track.

Nor were so many criticisms heard when the youngest of the Bourbon sisters accompanied their mother Letizia to a brief private meeting with Chris Hemsworth during a visit to the program “El Hormiguero” with Pablo Motos. (And)

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