Giants Make History and Qualify for Valorant Champions Tournament

The Giants will represent Malaga and Andalusia in the Valorant Champions League, which will be held in Los Angeles from August 6 to 27.

giantsesports club from Malaga, makes history by becoming the first e-sports organization in Spain to qualify for Valiant Championsone of the most important video game tournaments in the world, considered world this shooter and, in short, an event that every professional player and coach dreams of attending one day. after the beating koi This Friday the giants will present Malaga and Andalusia V Angels from 6 to 27 August and will chat with the best players in the international Valorant scene. Valorant Champions brings together 16 best outfits now and among them is the Giants, who has achieved what is undoubtedly his biggest milestone at a competitive level in his 15 years of life.

To be in this Champions of Valorant, the table they form Fitinho, Nukki, Rhyme, Cloud and sweatshirt and direct Pipson and Milan he had to shoot down another Spanish block, KOI. It’s a standoff against a club presided over Ibay Llanos and Gerard Pique This came after the Giants beat Karmine Corp on Thursday. After 2:0 on cards with the French, another 0-2 in favor of KOI. Despite the seemingly unequal result, the match turned out to be very difficult, in which both opponents fought from strength to strength and in which they confirmed the good form of the national teams in Valorant Tour of Champions (VCT)a competition that now opens the door for the giants to their special World Cup.

The path of the Costa del Sol club does not remain here: although one of the two places at stake in the Valorant world event has already been reached, this Sunday the giants have the opportunity to make their mark qualifier champion for the Champions League Qualifying Tournament “Last Chance” which is decided this Sunday from 17:00. The Giants are already waiting for an opponent in the final, who will again koi or series winner between NaVi and Karmine Corp.which is celebrated after the Malacitanos duel.

A historic achievement of giants who, in the 15 years of experience that have made it one of the longest-standing landmarks in esports in Europe, have competed in very important international competitions such as the old League of Legends LCSHe call of duty peaceHe EVO fighting games and other elite events in titles such as Counter-Strike or Rocket League, among others. Going to Valorant Champions because of the influence of its teams, players and audience is a level jump.

The first map was played in Harbor, KOI selection. A map that was very well controlled by very strong giants, but was hard to close when they only needed to win one round. Barbarra’s men cut the gap to 12-12 after a 7-12 cut by the Costasolegnos sent Haven into extra time. Besides, hardened nerves Giants who closed the map after the timeout requested by Pipson. IN PearlGiants bathe until 5-13 s imperial fitinhoauthor of 24 kills, who led the team to the final victory at the moment of truth. Cloud, with the key ‘lurkeo’ at 4–6, he gave the Giants space at a tight moment in the game.

The Giants go to the World Cup and do it from a romantic point of view: they do it with the core of the first great giants who competed in Valorantwhich entered the market in 2020. In a year Fitinho, Hoodie and Pipson They were already in the club, playing at an excellent national and international level. With the exception of Fitinho, the club’s emblem, they all returned in November to join VCT. Nukki, Cloud, Rhyme and Milan they completed the list and they all hit the goal of the year.

He house of the giantsheadquarters of Malaga, was once again filled to support their own and celebrated an achievement in style, as the Valorant Champions League controversy deserves. Los Angeles is waiting for the giants.

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