Behind-the-scenes images of ‘Seven’ by Jungkook from BTS ft. Lotto

Uproar after Estreno del Sensillo ‘Seven’ In jungkook In bts ft. Lotto Intact. Which is why we now bring you photos from behind the impressive camera official Video created for her by South Korean artist and American rapper Han Cooperation Which is rocking the popularity list all over the world.

Ever since ‘Seven’ started digital platform Records of sales and streaming have not left the world. And a big part of its achievements come from its catchy official videos.

good luck and very good Review Where it is located, Han got here because of the tremendous visual quality offered by the production golden corn He is the hero of a mysterious tale that turns up the temperature to its maximum proportions.

Behind the camera photos from the official video of ‘Seven’ All become increasingly viral on social networks. Ale Army He is very active in sharing and trending all these pictures.

In addition, they reflect that great commitment south korean idol I made the video as perfect as possible. There is no doubt that Jungkook is learning day by day to become a better artist.

This he learned from his BTS teammates. And for that reason, it’s the seven members of boy band He has found a huge global success, which has allowed him to gain millions of fans all over the planet Earth.

and you, i liked its official video ‘Seven’ In jungkook In bts ft. Lotto,

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