Beckham got emotional, Kim Kardashian didn’t see it and Serena Williams ‘froze’: Viral reactions of celebs on Messi’s opening goal Play

Lionel Messi is a genius – and that is undeniable. On Friday (21), in his debut for Inter Miami, the Argentina star scored a free kick in extra time to seal a 2-1 win against Cruz Azul for the League Cup in the USA.

As we know you’ve probably already seen the goal (and if you haven’t, you can watch it here too), we break down the viral reaction of some of the celebrities who were in the stadium when Messi scored.

Lionel Messi celebrates his goal on his debut for Inter Miami – Photo: Reproductions/Instagram

The video that hit the network featured club owner David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham; as well as tennis legend Serena Williams and socialite Kim Kardashian with her son St.

Of course, the Beckhams’ first reaction was to jibe with the goal. The two hug and vibrate together after Argento’s perfect beat. In another clip, David appears even more incredulous and teary-eyed.

David and Victoria Beckham tremble after Messi’s goal – Photo: reproduction/Twitter

David Beckham impressed with Messi’s goal – Photo: reproduction/Twitter

Serena Williams represented the sentiments of many. At the time of the goal, her mouth fell open and she was almost stunned by what she was seeing.

Serena Williams ‘froze’ after Lionel Messi’s goal on her debut for Inter Miami – Photo: reproduction/Twitter

Kim Kardashian seems to be losing her focus in front of her son Saint. The broadcast shows the boy apparently filming the absence – and then going berserk when he sees the moment on his cell phone camera. However, Kim was somewhat disoriented: at first, she appears to be looking down; As he raises his head, he doesn’t look in the same direction as the others and is scared of the crowd’s reaction to the goal. His expression is characteristic of a person who is defeated by the situation.

Kim Kardashian and her son Saint during Messi’s goal for Inter Miami – Photo: reproduction/Twitter

In the comments on the social network, netizens raved about the funny reactions. One joked, “I got a Serena Williams reaction.” “Beckham is definitely the happiest person in the world right now…” said another. A third enthused, “Serena Williams was stunned…she saw beauty with her own eyes.” The user wrote, “Kim was there and missed the magical moment.” “Kim Kardashian doesn’t look round,” agreed another.

If for all of us it was a great goal, then for Messi it was just “another”. “I just had the last ball (ball) left. I tried, as I always do, and I was lucky that it went through, that it hit the target and the goalkeeper could not reach it. This is a great happiness. Despite being another championship, it is an important win to gain confidence”, Messi told the official MLS broadcast.

Watch the accompanying video of the moments, below:

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