Adele shared her thoughts about the submarine incident with her audience in Las Vegas

Adele shares her opinion about the Oceangate submarine incident Oceangate campaign/handout via Reuters

submarine incident oceangate It has caught the attention of the whole world because of all the circumstances surrounding it. Five millionaires who decided to pay 250 thousand dollars To be able to see the remains of the Titanic in a submarine controlled by a video game controller and which had already presented many dreams in previous voyages, is a story that will live in the collective memory for a long time.

One of the celebrities who have made their interest known towards the matter was none less than adelewho questioned his fanatics about the idea of ​​going to the depths of the ocean during his recent show at his residence in Las Vegas.

interpreter of subjects like Rumor has it or rolling in The Deep Start a conversation with your audience by asking the following:Before this week, how many people would go down to the bottom of the ocean to see Titanic, if possible?Of the more than 4000 attendants, several witnessed the incidents that claimed five lives and raised their hands reiterating their wishes to take a similar tour. Sin ban, the vast majority opposed; Apparently, the news states that many people returned fearing the sea (and with good reason).

Adele asked her fans if they would be able to travel to the depths of the ocean or to space. REUTERS/Peter Cziborra/File Photo

Adele’s questioning didn’t end there, she asked her audience about special tourist tours, an initiative that is already being launched and which, like a trip to the remains of the Titanic, sounds like a fad that only people with a lot of purchasing power can afford. Even though her net worth is estimated at $220 million, the singer-songwriter assures that she has no interest in plunging into the depths, much less leaving the earth. However, it is clarified that this is not a money situation.

“How many people, if they could, if they didn’t have to spend anything, would go to the real place? I wouldn’t do that either, but only because I’m a kid. Soya Una Medosa. I never go to Russian Mountain. I’m not interested in the deep sea or space, that’s why”, he confessed.

Interestingly, just as many have spoken out against the exorbitant fees paid by millionaires for the tour, they have also spoken out against Adele’s show at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Cost between 1500 to 14 thousand dollars,

Adele confessed that no one would travel like this because she is too “scared” REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/File Photo

Adele ended her comments by assuring that she understands why people want to engage in this type of adventure, but I reiterated that it is not a sentiment she shares.

Other celebrities who shared their opinion on the Oceangate submarine case were none other than filmmakers James CameronWhose opinion has been very valuable to the media, considering that he is the only person in the world who has immersed himself (in solitude) almost 11 thousand meters deep.

Cameron, who has traveled to the depths of the ocean some 33 times to visit the Titanic on more than one occasion, described the matter as “the long and nightmare skit, according to the director of Titanic or Avatar, There has never been a true search for the five men, but in an effort to keep the families’ hopes alive, this whole multimillion-dollar campaign was set up with helicopters, trains, and boats. Cameron confirmed that those 96 hours of oxygen never existed; The moment the submarine disappeared, everything was over.

James Cameron assured that the discovery of the submarine was all a sham, as the vehicle ceased to exist when contact was lost Photo: YouTube/World Science Festival

“When I first heard about the incident, I got a lot of calls and emails. It is a small community. In an hour and a half, I received the following information: I was descending, I was at 3,500 feet, I had lost communication and tracking. The last one is important because the transponder that is used to track a submarine while descending and on the bottom is a completely autonomous system. It is in its own pressurized housing and has its own battery. Then, due to communication and tracking being lost at the same time, The submarine no longer existed. there was no doubt in my mind,

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