A24 delays theatrical release of Problemista amid ongoing strikes

A24’s problemist It is the latest film to feel the effects of the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. The independent film, which premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in March and received critical acclaim, was scheduled to hit theaters on August 4. According to deadlineAccording to who first broke the news, A24’s postponement is an attempt to help filmmaker Julio Torres, as indie films generally do better when their stars are available for press events.

problemist It is Torres’ directorial debut, and he plays Alejandro, a young immigrant artist desperate to find a guarantor for his visa so he can live in New York. Desperate, he turns to his creepy boss, Elizabeth (Tilda Swinton), who agrees to help Alejandro in exchange for help putting on an art exhibit. As Elizabeth, Swinton plays a nightmarish art curator who makes Alejandro’s trip to the American dream a nightmarish experience.

To create a surreal film that explores the immigrant experience through a comic lens, Torres drew on his own life. The filmmaker had said this in a previous interview problemist It was “a mosaic of different experiences”. I think it mainly describes how I felt at a given moment. When you look at it, you’ll see that it’s not based entirely on truth, but rather stems from my recollection of a lived experience. ,

Swinton and Torres join an impressive cast that includes the RZA, Greta Lee, Catalina Saavedra, James Scully, Larry Owens, Laith Nakli, Kelly McCormack, Spike Einbinder, Greta Titelman and Rivera El Ramirez; Isabella Rossellini narrates the film. problemist Torres with Dave McCarey of Fruit Tree, Ali Hurting and Emma Stone.

Torres previously worked as a writer on Saturday Night Live and los espuquizwhich he co-produced and produced. In 2019, Torres released the comedy special My Favorite Shapes.

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Strikes Shut Down Hollywood

SAG-AFTRA on strike

The impact of the ongoing strikes is being felt across television, streaming and films. As a result of a simultaneous actors’ and writers’ strike, Hollywood virtually shut down, something that had not happened in over 60 years.

Luca Guadagnino is also among the films whose release date is being changed. challengingZendaya, starring Mike Feist and Josh O’Connor, will be released in September. The Amazon project is now scheduled to start in April 2024. white birdstarring Gillian Anderson and Helen Mirren, has also been pushed back from its originally scheduled August premiere. The exact date has not been announced but the film is expected to release later this year. untitled dirty dance The sequel, which took years to make, is now targeting a 2025 release date instead of early 2024.

popular series like The Last of Euphoria Stranger Thingsit is yellow jacket There is also a possibility of experiencing long lags as a result of strikes.

Though it is not confirmed, it is expected that the release dates of the films will be affected by the strike. deadpool 3 finish us off The Dunes: Part Two, purple colour, Aquaman: The Lost Empire it is Gladiator 2.

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