Zayn Malik sparks romance in “Love Like This” video

Zayn Malik it is gigi hadidwhose parents are ChasmShe passed away in late 2021 amid reports of a rift with the model’s mother, aged 2. yolanda hadid in the home the then-couple shared in Pennsylvania. According to a police report obtained by E! News, Zayn was accused of acting “with intent to harass, tease or intimidate” Gigi (who was not present) and Yolanda while allegedly saying “lewd, threatening or obscene words.” At the time, Zayn denied the allegations and released a statement, partly saying that he had been “vigilant” in protecting his daughter, giving her “the privacy she deserves”.

Almost two years later, the singer is standing by his statement.

He told the presenter, “I knew what the situation was, I knew what had happened and the people involved knew what had happened.” call her daddy, alex cooper, “And that’s all I really care about. If someone with a similar opinion looks at the situation, I believe you can respect that I didn’t want to draw attention to anything. I just wasn’t trying to bring anything negative to her – any kind of online story that my daughter would be able to look back and read and it would just be something that wouldn’t make sense.”

As Zain pointed out, he believes he handled the situation “in a friendly and respectful manner”.

“And that’s all that needs to be said,” he continued. “I feel like it’s just too much negativity.”

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