What does funar mean in social media?

MEXICO CITY, July 15 (EL UNIVERSAL) — We know that the language in the world of the Internet is constantly changing and some terms are quickly becoming popular among social media users without knowing their origin.

If you’re one of those who still doesn’t know what internet users mean when they use the expression funar and you’re curious about the origin of this popular word, stay calm, at Tech Bit we’ll explain everything you need to know.

According to the RAE, one of the meanings of the verb funar refers to the organization of public actions of denunciation of organizations or persons associated with acts of repression in front of their headquarters or residence.

The term was mainly used in Chile to publicly denounce injustice or discredit illegal acts by subjecting them to public ridicule.

Origin of “Funar” on social media

Aside from its political origins, many internet users claim that the word’s vogue arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the game Among Us became popular internationally.

The strategy video game that, during the quarantine, combined a certain number of space crew members with different tasks, with the exception of one of the players, as his mission was different from the rest, turning him into an impostor who had to get rid of the others without being discovered in order to win, had a lot to do with the spread of the term.

This game became successful during the pandemic, reaching millions of downloads and having such an impact on its users that Internet users quickly began to communicate on social networks using the terms used in the video game.

And among these words, the use of the word “funar” as one of the actions in the game was saved, when all the participants came together to point out and discredit the one they considered an impostor for various negative actions, in order to later exile him, this was called “funa”.

Complaining and exile in the game quickly moved to social media and became synonymous with cancellation, so when someone is “fun”, said person’s misbehavior is revealed as a public complaint.

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