Vitao and Matuto make a joint announcement about the paternity of Sullen Gervasio’s daughter

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Controversy over the paternity of Sullen Gervasio’s daughter continues… After the model went live on her Instagram saying she had to go to the hospital several times due to stress caused by the confusion, Vitao and producer Matuto announced they have hired lawyers to ensure either of their names are on the baby’s records.

In her profile, Sullen again pinned the possible father of her daughter. “Yes, I would blame Vitao for whatever stress I had to face during pregnancy. It was terrible for me. The pressure was 17, I stayed in the hospital twice for intravenous drugs when he said that he was the father. fuck dadHe told his followers in a broadcast this Thursday (20).

At first, the singer had revealed to the media that he was Nina’s father; Later, however, Sullen alerted him that Matuto was also in doubt about paternity. Since the model did not accept DNA testing prior to the birth of the child, she decided to commit to the younger child.

“In Brazil, missing the father’s name on the birth certificate is a big problem and we need to take the problem of paternal abandonment seriously. Every child has the right to have their father’s name on their records, to have their father participate in their support, to be loved and, most of all, to be cared for by their father., began the statement shared on both social networks. The artists emphasized that the mother also has the right to shoulder the duty of care like the father so that she is not overburdened.

“That is why we, Vinicius and Victor, hired a multidisciplinary team to guarantee Nina all her rights. We hired dr. Paulo Andreotti, as a lawyer, filed a joint action for recognition of Nina’s paternity immediately after birth, respecting that the mother had refused to undergo tests before Nina was born”.clarified.

And he added: “We are making a decision every man must make: If he knows he could be the father of a child, he must ask for a DNA test immediately before or at birth and not wait for the mother to ask. Whichever of us are Nina’s biological parents will do all the parental care for her. Any of our families would welcome Nina home with love and pride.,

Ultimately, Vitao and Matuto made sure their legal teams remained open to negotiations with Sullen and his attorney. “This will be our first and last joint public statement on Nina’s birth, protecting her”He concluded. View the note in full:

(Photo: Playback/Instagram)
(Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Earlier, Vitao had already used his network to comment on the matter after receiving a series of criticisms from the young woman. The theme came to the fore when Gervasio showed her purchases made while awaiting the birth of her daughter. In the messages, followers asked the reason for buying the cheap piece and asked about the singer’s involvement in the gestation period. In response, Suelon did not release the artist’s prick and was called a counterattack. Remember to click here.

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