Travis Scott launches ‘K-pop’ with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny

travis scott He’s taken his fans with him Publicity to the clouds with the arrival of your next album ‘Utopia’, Since 2021, Scott has been teasing his fans with hints about the album, and it finally happened Virgins will launch on July 28,

The feeling reached its peak when Laflamme announced a new title song ‘K-pop’ with the sensational participation of weekend or bad bunny, Fans were overjoyed to hear that these three legends have come together for a collaboration. Travis and Abel have worked together before and found success ‘Pray 4 Love’ y’ power is power‘, and their previous collaborations have always been well received.

The inclusion of Bad Bunny in the single’s mix fueled a ‘K-pop’ craving. With his infectious energy and unique style, Benito will surely bring a fresh and exciting element to the song, and it is known that he has done so.

‘K-pop’ connects Travis Scott with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny

Travis also launches ‘K-pop’ with The Weeknd and Bad Bunny give hope That ‘Utopia’ is launched on time. Its writers had been delaying the album for so long that fans began to worry; However, with the release of the new single, it seems the album is doing well.

In addition to the release of ‘K-pop’, there have been other interesting clue About ‘Utopia’. Lately, if you’ve seen benito with a briefcase it contained the word ‘utopia’, which led to Estimate About your involvement in the album. Rumor Has It That Travis And Badd Are Staying working with you At long last, and fans can’t wait to see if he’s got something else lined up.

To heighten the emotion, the music video for ‘K-Pop’ features a cameo Farrell or szaAdding more stars to the much awaited launch.

As we previously commented on his day, Travis will be performing a live concert at the iconic Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and, although there were rumors that the concert was cancelled, Live Nation confirmed that it is still in progress.

Travis Scott’s next album, ‘Utopia’, is shaping up to be a monumental release. With the launch of ‘K-Pop’ and the collaborations involved, fans are anxiously counting the days until you can try the full album. The creator of ‘Astroworld’ has a unique ability to generate anticipation and hype, and ‘Utopia’ this will definitely be another win To your already impressive discography.

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